[Local events] Fwd: participants sought for KBOO Dada/Surrealism festival, Labor Day

David Abel passages at rdrop.com
Tue Apr 22 20:05:39 PDT 2008

[PS: in addition to the obvious literary involvement(s), innovative 
musicians are especially sought and encouraged to participate]

from Richard Francis:

In the spring on 2001 I was on the phone with Daniel Flessas in the air 
room at KBOO just as Jennifer Robin walked in the door and just as I 
said to Daniel "Let's do a Dada/Surrealism festival.

In August of 2001, approximately 200 volunteer and previously non-radio 
community people engaged in a KBOO radio celebration of Dada & 
Surrealism which lasted over 80 hours spread over one week, won us 
national recognition and eventually engaged more radio "producers" than 
simply Jennifer, Daniel and myself.

We attempted to do all that we could to make it an historically-based, 
content-pure event with a strong emphasis on many of the original 
written texts transposed for radio mixed with locally produced, often 
live contemporary material created by local and regional artists in the 
tradition of Dada or Surrealism.

We are presently planning on organizing another celebration, this one 
theoretically running 101 hours continuous from Thursday evening at 7p 
until Monday night midnight, titled: "One hundred one hours of 
innumerable small events which may or may not be related to one 
another." Our Program Director, Chris has us "penciled in" for Labor Day 

Richard Francis (me) and Jennifer Robin are again taking on the job of 
primary producer/organizers for the event, at least at the outset. But 
we hope to keep this event as open and egalitarian as the 2001 
celebration and are wide open for ideas, potential producers/engineers, 
artists and proposals.

You may produce only a 1 minute reading of a poem, you might produce a 
scattering of small mini-events, or you might take charge of several 
hours to produce your own major mini-event within the festival.

Right now we are just looking to see who might be interested in joining 
in the fun and how many of you there are who want to begin the groundwork.

If you find yourself to be among the interested, please contact this 
email address:

onehundredonehours at yahoo.com

This will enable us to contact you about any upcoming meetings and 
festival news plus it will open a channel for us to keep in touch. Or if 
you are still not internetted, contact either Richard or Jennifer 
through their real world mail boxes at the station.

I have been collecting many new translations of the historical material 
which I will make available for those interested in recreating some of 
the past. And you are free to do your own research or branch out into 
the latest developments in the tradition (or anti-tradition).

Please spread the word and please let us know.

Once we have collected email addresses of the interested, we will be 
contacting you soon about our first meeting where we will have a large 
collection of the original material for you to explore and we will be 
discussing potential events and the first major steps required to really 
get things rolling.

Thanks for your time and your interest.

Richard Francis
host of A Different Nature
primary producer for the 2001: Several Days of Innumerable Small Events 
Which May or May Not Be Related To One Another

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