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  Dhvani presents a concert and lecture/demonstration of Dhrupad music 
from India

The Gundecha Brothers:

Umakant Gundecha & Ramakant Gundecha, voice
Akhilesh Gundecha, percussion

Sunday, May 4

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
(please arrive by 2:30 pm for tickets)

Christ United Methodist Church
12755 NW Dogwood Street
(just west of NW Saltzmann Rd., north of the intersection of Saltzmann 
and Cornell
for directions: http://www.cumcpdx.org/directions.aspx?pID=10936)

Admission: $12 adults, $8 children aged 5-14 and senior citizens

RSVP: dhvani at dhvani.org

Dhvani welcomes you to join this participative lecture demonstration on 
Dhrupad music with the renowned Gundecha Brothers. The lecture 
demonstration will focus on voice culture in Dhrupad and expand the 
scope of the topic to the improvisatory forms in Dhrupad. This is an 
excellent opportunity for students of music and enthusiasts who wish to 
understand the wealth of Indian music.

Dhrupad is the most ancient style of Hindustani classical music that has 
survived until today in its original form. The Dhrupad tradition is a 
major heritage of Indian culture.

The nature of Dhrupad music is spiritual. Seeking not to entertain, but 
to induce feelings of peace and contemplation in the listener. The word 
Dhrupad is derived from DHRUVA the steadfast evening star that moves 
through our galaxy and PADA meaning poetry. It is a form of devotional 
music that traces its origin to the ancient text of Sama Veda. The SAMA 
VEDA was chanted with the help of melody and rhythm called Samagana. 
Gradually this developed into other vocal style called 'Chhanda' and 
'Prabandha' with introduction of verse and meter. The fusion of these 
two elements led to the emergence of Dhrupad.

Umakant and Ramakant Gundecha

Umakant and Ramakant Gundecha are one of India's leading exponents of 
the Dhrupad style of music. Born in Ujjain in Central India, both were 
initiated into music by their parents.

Gundecha Brothers received conventional university education and learned 
the Dhrupad vocal art under the renowned Dhrupad vocalist Ustad Zia 
Fariduddin Dagar and also with Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar (the 
distinguished performer of Rudra Veena) in Dhrupad Kendra Bhopal.

The Gundecha Brothers have sung great Hindi poetry by Tulsidas, Kabir, 
Padmakar, Nirala in Dhrupad style. They have many cassettes and CDs to 
their credit. They are regular performers for television and radio both 
in India and abroad. As well as being an integral part of all of India's
prestigious music festivals, the Brothers have also performed at many 
important international music festivals and institutions.

They have received M.P. Govt. Scholarship from 1981 to 1985, National 
Fellowship from 1987 to 89, Ustad Allauddin Khan Fellowship in 1993, 
Sanskriti Award in 1994 and Kumar Gandharva Award in 1998 by Govt. of 
Madhaya Pradesh and Dagar Gharana Award by Mewar Foundation in 2001.

Akhilesh Gundecha

Akhilesh Gundecha has learned Pakhawaj playing from Pandit Shrikant 
Mishra and Raja Chhatrapati Singh JuDeo. He is post graduate in music 
and graduate in Law. Has also got scholarship from Ustad Allauddin khan 
Sangeet Academy,Bhopal and Govt. of India. Has accompanied to many of 
the Dhrupad Maestros like- Ustad Z.F. Dagar, Ustad Fahimuddin Dagar, Pt. 
Siyaram Tiwari, Shrimati Asgari Bai, Dr. Ritwik Sanyal and Bahauddin 
Dagar. He has also played solo recitals in Tansen Festival-Gwalior, 
Haridas Sangeet Samaroh Mumbai, Dhrupad Samaroh Bhopal and many other 
festivals. Has toured Germany, Switzerland, Hongkong , USA and Canada. 
Is regularly featured on Radio and Television.


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Dhvani is a non profit organization formed in 2000 to address the 
growing need in the Northwest for an in depth education in music and 
other aspects relating to Indian culture and art forms.

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