[Local events] FWD: Sunday 8/3, book launch for Landscapes of Dissent

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Tue Jul 15 00:04:37 PDT 2008

Portland book launch for

/Landscapes of Dissent: Guerrilla Poetry & Public Space/

by Jules Boykoff & Kaia Sand

Sunday, August 3
4:00 pm

Powell's Books on Hawthorne
3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Free admission

Public space is a showground for social relations and power dynamics, 
and much of this space is inscribed with language. Documenting four 
cases across the United States — Poetry Is Public Art (PIPA) (New York), 
Poet Activist Community Extension (PACE) (Philadelphia), Agit-Truth 
Collective (Portland), and Sidewalk Blogger (Honolulu) — /Landscapes of 
Dissent/ investigates how contemporary poets in the United States are 
attempting to politicize public space by strategically inserting signs 
and broadsides into the public sphere in an effort to re-appropriate, 
reclaim, and resist. Sometimes passersby become collaborative authors, 
as they deface or destroy the poetry, thereby entering into a public 
conversation where competing claims are recorded. While 
neoliberal-driven privatization pulls more and more public space into 
its vortex, these collaborative, micro-political transgressions 
challenge values that trend toward commercialism and legibility, instead 
asserting language that attempts to resist commodification.

"/Landscapes of Dissent/ is a prolegomenon toward a new topoiesis--the 
creation of a new topos, a new place. This book brings forth not only 
the discussion of several practices of disensual use of consensual 
("public") space, but also gives away ideas & insights about what takes 
place thanks to a poetry that makes space in a polis made diapolis. 
Reading this book I found myself feeling an unknown political emotion 
that prompts my passive reader to become a reader ready to engage 
(again) the streets--energized by this discussion in which writing is 
hope & hope is action. Make it public!" —Heriberto Yépez


Kaia Sand authored the poetry collection /interval/ (Edge Books 2004), 
selected as a Small Press Traffic Book of the Year. She created a dusie 
kollektiv (_www.dusie.org_) chapbook for her poem /tiny arctic ice/, 
which was re-configured as a broadside by Bowerbox Press and as an 
artist book by Jim Dine. She is creating multi-media investigations of 
political histories lodged in Pacific Northwest of the United States, as 
well as a series of poems collaged from dystopic documents. Sand 
co-edits the Tangent Press (www.thetangentpress.org).

Jules Boykoff is the author of /Beyond Bullets: The Suppression of 
Dissent in the United States/ (AK Press, 2007), /The Suppression of 
Dissent: How the State and Mass Media Squelch USAmerican Social 
Movements /(Routledge, 2006), and /Once Upon a Neoliberal Rocket Badge 
/(Edge Books, 2006). He co-curates the Tangent Reading Series in 
Portland, Oregon with Rodney Koeneke and Kaia Sand.

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