[Local events] Sat. 8/28, Mbira group from Zimbabwe

David Abel passages at rdrop.com
Sun Jun 22 17:18:23 PDT 2008

Mawungira Enharira

mbira ensemble from Zimbabwe, on tour of the United States

Saturday, June 28
8:00 pm

Community Music Center
3350 SE Francis (1 block south of Powell)
$10 at the door; $25 family


 From their web site:

In their village of Norton, an hour West of Harare, the capital city of 
Zimbabwe, Mawungira Enharira members are known for their open rehearsals 
in which anyone can come and play mbira, hosho, ngoma, dance, or sing 
with them. It is through these rehearsals that the village of Norton has 
been able to cultivate young talent that has gone on to form spectacular 
traditional music bands that have performed in venues across Zimbabwe. 
The legacy of the older musicians in Mawungira Enharira, and indeed 
Mbira Dzenharira, the original group from which Mawungira Enharira 
emerged, can be seen in the younger players who play alongside them and 
fluidly sing the lyrics as if they were born knowing what to do with the 

The group is as adept at teaching community singing and dancing 
workshops as they are splitting up and teaching more focused, individual 
workshops in mbira and hosho. Each member of the group is a gwenyambira 
(master mbira player) in his own right and in their free time the 
members of Mawungira Enharira play at traditional ceremonies for their 
families and communities. Their meteoric rise to the top of the popular 
music charts in Zimbabwe is a testament to their skill at making 
traditional music not only more accessible, but socially conscious and 
highly entertaining.

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