[Local events] Mon. 5/4: Whens, Christy, Daedalus, & Abel

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Sat Apr 18 23:27:27 PDT 2009

Show & Tell Productions presents Three Friends Mondays:

Marko Whens, Tony Christy, Leo Daedalus, and David Abel

(followed by open mic)

Monday, May 4
7:00 pm

Three Friends Coffee House
201 SE 12th Ave.

In September of 2008, Marko Whens and Tony Christy organized the first 
Demagnetic Mutant Cabaret, "an evening of humor-based, conceptual, 
nondramatic events informed by traditions such as Dada, Fluxus, and 

Leo Daedalus did John Cage stand-up and Oulipo rap; Tony went on a khaki 
parade; Marko found the other side of the frame; and David Abel made tea 
under surveillance.

At the Three Friends Coffee house open mic on Monday, May 4, they will 
return as the Three Scrapettes, with a variety of non-acts, sound poems, 
peripheral pieces, audience impersonations, and wrong solutions.

Biographical fallacies:

Marko Whens is soon to be published by an oppressed press. He falsely 
proclaims to be the first poet to misspell every language.

As a child, Tony Christy grew gills and drowned. His father was a scrap 
surgeon his mother a mitt mender. Upon graduation from the institute of 
technical friction he took a position with the broke bureau.

Leo Daedalus has experienced spatial-sequence, or number form, 
synesthesia since his leftmost days. Fittingly, he imagines that the 
ideal expression of any particular art form would have to be realized in 
a different form.

David Abel studied with Massenet and Fauré at the Paris Conservatoire 
(1890-97), then lived uneventfully as a teacher and theorist, producing 
an enormous body of music expressing his communist sympathies. Very 
little of his work, however, escaped neglect.

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