[Local events] FWD: Tue. 4/28, new reading series

David Abel passages at rdrop.com
Thu Apr 23 15:22:46 PDT 2009

The inaugural reading of

If Not For Kidnap Poetry


Kjirsten Severson
Karen Wood Heppner

Tuesday, April 28

3968 SE Mall St., Apt A

Come as you are, donations not turned down!

& check out full bios and other info at 


Trained in Western philosophy and determined to say the impossible by 
escaping academic language, Kjirsten Severson was not prepared for her 
own writing that began to appear when she moved to Portland from 
Pittsburgh at the end of 2003. Any readily recognized narrative became 
invisible. . . .


Karen Wood Hepner writes in the mood of a house haunted -- she creates 
landscapes inside rooms, hallways, cupboards, and under beds. Karen is 
fascinated by the movement between inner and outer landscapes, and 
writes poems that navigate these planes freely. . . .

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