[Local events] FWD: Sat. January 10, Remember to Wave: A Poetry Walk with Kaia Sand

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Tue Jan 6 21:37:14 PST 2009

Poet Penelope Schott has kindly organized a group to take my poetry 
walk, /Remember to Wave/, on Saturday from 1-3 PM. You are welcome to 
join in! We'll meet at the Expo Center MAX stop. (for those of you who 
went in September, this will be nearly the same poem-walk).


Kaia Sand

    */Remember to Wave: /*
    */A Poetry Walk in North Portland/*

    *with Kaia Sand*

    Saturday, January 10
    1-3 pm


    Meet at the Expo MAX stop (yellow line), at the Torii gate at the
    north end of the platform.


    /We walk for many reasons, and one of those reasons can be poetry. /

    Rather than gather in a salon or saloon, we'll step outdoors. This
    is a poetry reading by Kaia Sand that will "take place" as a
    two-hour walk, in the spirit of the Situationist dérive. We'll walk
    near the Columbia Slough where Japanese Americans were "relocated,"
    and where the Vanport flood destroyed the World War II-era city.

    We'll embark at noon from the Expo MAX Station, take an
    approximately two mile walk, and end at the Delta Park/Vanport
    station. Along the way, we'll stop for an improvisational ode and a
    snack of seasonal fruit.

    This will be an uncovered, outdoor event, so be sure to wear walking
    shoes and---if it's raining---bring an umbrella!

    This project is funded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council


    *Kaia Sand* authored the poetry collection /interval/ (Edge Books
    2004), selected as a Small Press Traffic Book of the Year, and with
    Jules Boykoff she coauthored the just-released /Landscapes of
    Dissent: Guerrilla Poetry & Public Space/ (Palm Press 2008). Jim
    Dine created two books from her poems "lotto" and "tiny arctic ice"
    for his series, /Hot Dreams/ (Steidl Editions 2008). Sand recently
    performed poetry collaged entirely from the North American Free
    Trade Agreement at the Positions Colloquium of the Kootenay School
    of Writing in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her investigations of
    Pacific Northwest geographies will be published as /Remember to
    Wave/ through Tinfish Press (Hawaii 2009), and an essay from this
    project is included in /Citadel of the Spirit/ (Nestucca Spit Press).




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