[Local events] FWD: Econ Salon, 1/16

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Mon Jan 12 10:36:38 PST 2009

from the Alliance for Democracy:

Alliance for Democracy is joined by the Economic Justice Action Group of 
the First Unitarian Church in presenting the 2nd Econ Salon.
Friday January 16
7:00 pm
First Unitarian Church
1011 SW 12th

Presenting and facilitating the discussion will be radical economists 
Robin Hahnel and Kristen Sheeran. They will be joined by Jules Boykoff, 
who will read from his poem "Das Greenspan, Volume I - III."

Description and participant bios below.


Our media swells with confusion regarding the financial crisis. What 
caused it? Who is responsible? What lessons are to be learned? What do 
we make of the financial bailout? Must it be "socialize loss and 
privatize gain?" How can we aid Main Street instead of Wall Street? 
Which initiatives should we oppose and which should we support?

Free market ideologues continue to shamelessly spread their false 
interpretations and false solutions -- nonintervention in management of 
banks we bailout, reprivatization ASAP, more deregulation, more 
outsourcing, and more "free-trade." But even the mainstream media now 
asks if this is the end of free market capitalism. How can we seize the 
opportunity presented by the greatest economic crisis since the Great 
Depression  and replace the failed economics of competition and greed 
with a new economics of equitable cooperation?

ROBIN HAHNEL recently returned from Dublin, Ireland, where he argued for 
alternatives to free-market capitalism before the University 
Philosophical Society at Trinity College, University of Dublin. Earlier 
this fall, Hahnel spoke at the "Local Alternatives to Confront the 
Crisis of Capitalism" conference in Lara, Venezuela. He has discussed 
the financial crisis on many media outlets, including Al Jazeera, and 
RTÉ (Irish public radio), as well as locally on the KPOJ Morning Show. 
Hahnel is author of Panic Rules, which analyzes crises brought on by 
financial liberalization in the era of globalization. Other books 
include Economic Justice and Democracy, The ABC's of Political Economy,  
and The Political Economy of Participatory Economics (co-authored with 
Michael Albert). Hahnel is Professor Emeritus of Economics at American 
University in Washington DC and Visiting Professor at Portland State 

KRISTEN SHEERAN argues that, far from being ideologically neutral, 
mainstream economics has become a barrier to thinking about how to 
promote an equitable and sustainable economy. Sheeran is co-author of a 
forthcoming book, Saving Kyoto (with Graciela Chichilnisky), about 
solutions to the climate crisis written for a mainstream audience.She is 
a cutting-edge thinker about economics and the environment and widely 
published in academic journals. Sheeran is the executive director of 
Economics for Equity and the Environment at EcoTrust and Associate 
Professor of Economics at St. Mary's College, University of Maryland.

JULES BOYKOFF doesn't shy from addressing economics in his poetry, as 
evidenced by the title of his first book of poetry, Once Upon a 
Neoliberal Rocket Badge. His second book of poetry, Hegemonic Love 
Potion, is forthcoming in 2009 from Factory School. Also a political 
scientist, Boykoff is the author of Beyond Bullets: The Suppression of 
Dissent in the United States, The Suppression of Dissent: How the State 
and Mass Media Squelch USAmerican Social Movements, and Landscapes of 
Dissent: Guerrilla Poetry & Public Space (co-authored with Kaia Sand). 
Boykoff has been skeptical of the cult of Alan Greenspan for years, and 
he will read from his poem, "Das Greenspan, Volume I - III." Boykoff is 
Assistant Professor of Political Science at Pacific University.

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