[Local events] FWD: in Eugene, 1/24, Tuvan throat singers

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Thu Jan 15 23:29:57 PST 2009

from Mark Levy:

Tyva Kyzy ("Daughters of Tuva")

All-female group of throat-singers and folk musicians
from the Tuva Republic (Mongolian-Russian border region of Central Asia).

January 24
University of Oregon, Eugene

2:00 pm.  Lecture-demonstration  --  Erb Memorial Union, Ben Linder Room.
Free admission

8:00 pm.  Concert  --  Beall Hall
$12 general admission, $8 students/seniors
(Tickets available at the door; box office opens at 7:00 pm)

Tyva Kyzy is the first and only women's group that performs all styles 
of Tuvan throat-singing.  This form of multiple-tone harmonic singing 
has been practiced primarily by men and generally prohibited for women.  
Group members have also mastered a wide range of traditional folk 
instruments such as igil (horse head fiddle), cha-khomus (large mouth 
harp) and their signature instrument, chadagan (hammered dulcimer).

Mark Levy
Instructor of Ethnomusicology
School of Music and Dance
1225 University of Oregon
Eugene OR 97403

email: mlevy at uoregon.edu
office phone:  541-346-2852
fax:  541-346-0723

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