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Spare Room presents

*Andrew Joron
Andrew Zawacki
Sunday, February 1
7:30 pm

Concordia Coffee House
2909 NE Alberta

$5.00 suggested donation

spareroom at flim.com


Upcoming readings:

March 8:
April 5:
May 10: Beverly Dahlen and David Abel


Andrew Joron has been called "the metaphysician-elect of contemporary 
American poetry" (Cal Bedient, Boston Review). Joron's latest poetry 
collection is /The Sound Mirror/, published by Flood Editions. After a 
decade and a half spent writing science-fiction poetry, culminating in 
the volume /Science Fiction/ (Pantograph Press, 1992), Joron began to 
elaborate other forms of lyric speculation. This work has been collected 
in /The Removes/ (Hard Press, 1999) and in /Fathom/ (Black Square 
Editions, 2003). /The Cry at Zero/, a selection of his prose poems and 
critical essays, was published by Counterpath Press in 2007. Joron is 
also the translator, from the German, of the Marxist-Utopian philosopher 
Ernst Bloch's Literary Essays (Stanford University Press, 1998). He 
lives in Berkeley, where he works as a part-time proofreader and indexer.

Andrew Zawacki is the author of three books of poetry -- /Petals of Zero 
Petals of One/ (Talisman House), /Anabranch/ (Wesleyan), and /By Reason 
of Breakings/ (Georgia). Coeditor of /Verse/ and of /The Verse Book of 
Interviews/, he has published criticism in the /TLS, Boston Review, 
Talisman, How2, New German Critique, Australian Book Review/, and 
elsewhere in the US, Europe, and Australia. A former fellow of the 
Slovenian Writers' Association, he edited /Afterwards: Slovenian Writing 
1945-1995/ (White Pine) and edited and cotranslated Ales( Debeljak's new 
and selected poems, due next fall from Persea. His translation from the 
French of Sébastien Smirou, /My Lorenzo/, is forthcoming from Burning 
Deck. He teaches at the University of Georgia.



Penned /A
Cage/ confined
To page --

Lit, upon unlit lot, the

 -- wrong sun, rung reason of
         One, that avatar of two. To
         One, who won't won't want --

O is I's
         avowal, a dead deed.
A gain to negate no gate.

So just my jest, my
Vote to /mon oeuvre:/
         vroom over room & verity, the

Straight arriving
         late to
Strayed, a raid upon the rayed.

*Andrew Joron

* Wherefrom the shadows that are forms*

Escorting the immediate ornament of dream
     it lingered past the absence it invoked
like a thunderstorm, decisive in its indifference,
     that over a folded, unfamiliar premise
recast the decadent frieze allure had let go:
     sharpening of caution along a branch,
expansion into dark, elaborate fields
     where, because it had not yet inquired,
trees resisted wind that sounded of nothing,
     no place, nobody known,
already other than why it was setting out:
     closing in of clouds, forgotten forms,
dusk erotic blue at the river's inflection
     as if, by encountering its design,
an end was reached before the terms were met:
     across the outer suspicions of grass
teased by a wrapped, a razor moon
     heavier for its weight against a hill,
it stayed above an interior lit from within
     at the edge of sight: where we,
because we lived there, were never at home.

* Andrew Zawacki*

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