[Local events] Sun. 7/12: Jared White & Farrah Field

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Sun Jul 5 15:54:47 PDT 2009

Spare Room presents

*Jared White
Farrah Field*

Sunday, July 12
7:30 pm

Concordia Coffee House
2909 NE Alberta

$5.00 suggested donation

spareroom at flim.com


*Upcoming Readings*

July 25: Jennifer Bartlett, Sarah Mangold, & Lindsey Boldt

August 6: Norma Cole & Lindsay Hill
August 16: Graham Foust & Eric Baus

September 20: Joe Massey & Joel Felix


*Jared White* grew up in Massachusetts and lives in Brooklyn. His poetry 
has appeared or is forthcoming in  /Barrow Street, Borderlands, 
Cannibal, Coconut, Fulcrum, Horse Less Review,The Modern Review, Sorry 4 
Snake, Verse, /and/ Word For / Word/, and he has published essays in 
/Harp & Altar, Poets Off Poetry at Coldfront/, and /Open Letters/, and a 
chapbook entitled /Yellowcake/ was included in the recent hand-sewn 
anthology /Narwhal/ from Cannibal Books. From time to time, he blogs at 
jaredswhite.blogspot.com and plays the piano.

*Farrah Field*'s poems have appeared in /Chelsea, Harp & Altar, Harpur 
Palate, Margie, Massachusetts Review, Mississippi Review, Pool, /and/ 
Typo/. She was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming and raised in Nebraska, 
Colorado, Louisiana, Arkansas, Sicily, and Belgium. She lives in 
Brooklyn and blogs at adultish.blogspot.com.



What a letdown. The Paranoia of Semiotics or the Semiotics of Paranoia
Made you make something of made things. It seemed unmade to you
For a moment there at least. One possible girl followed swiftly by another,

Ergo man. Better make sure just in case. Make a cake. What are the things
You make? Conservative ephemera? Or should I say creative economics?
Hydroponics makes me feel good but isn't really accurate. I fear the former.

A sign every year brings me ever closer to terrified ownership of a home
And a shotgun versus the system. Liking too many people to fit more in.
Russians would say I love you so I'm leaving. A disembodied judgment

Of merciless code is proof I care. We're not in Russia though so mine is 
Because I found it where you left it lying around. Now I can say I made it.
That's how we do things here. I'm industrious and that's my final offer

Or next-to-last if you'll do better. What I really want is negotiation 
with you
About next steps. How to make decisions when there's nothing to decide,
Not yet. I don't want to see both sides, when one is enough for now. Just

Minutes longer and the world goes on competently that I made for real.
Please keep it safe with my autograph on the panorama. I worry for
Some reason seeing, because the world is so very good and my eyes clear.

*Jared White*

*Night and Different Night*

Did I have an orgasm---

three---do you go to church---what---do you know anything
about stocks---sort of---could I ease the biting next time---

no.  Your best friend has found someone and your back

is breaking out.  You bought a small house I want to have
sex in Pennsylvania.  That dangling plug may be a hazard

of some kind and if I didn't need your mouth,
I'd tape it shut.

*Farrah Field*

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