[Local events] Saturday 7/25: Bartlett/Mangold/Boldt

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Spare Room presents

*Jennifer Bartlett
Sarah Mangold
Lindsey Boldt
Saturday, July 25
4:00 pm

4903 SE Rural (south of Woodstock, between 39th and 52nd)

for directions, or other information:

Free admission


This is a house reading and potluck hosted by Maryrose Larkin and Eric 
Matchett; all are welcome.
Parking is on the south side of Rural, or in the driveway.


Upcoming Readings

August 6: Norma Cole & Lindsay Hill
August 16: Graham Foust & Eric Baus

September 20: Joe Massey & Joel Felix


*Jennifer Bartlett* was a 2005 New York Foundation for the Arts Poetry 
Fellow. Her first collection is /Derivative of the Moving Image/ 
(University of New Mexico Press, 2007). Individual poems from her 
/[Husband]/ series are in the current /New American Writing/.

*Sarah Mangold* is the author of /Household Mechanics/ (New Issues) and 
the chapbooks /Parlor/ (Dusie Kollectiv), /Picture of the Basket /(Dusie 
kollectiv), /Boxer Rebellion/ (g o n g), and /Blood Substitutes/ (Potes 
& Poets). She lives in Seattle where she edits /Bird Dog/. She also 
co-edits, with Maryrose Larkin, FLASH + CARD, a chapbook and ephemera press.

*Lindsey Boldt* lives in San Francisco, where she works as an assistant 
editor with Post-Apollo Press and an after-school teacher with 
elementary kids. She is currently working on a book of /Titty Poems/, a 
retelling of the movie /Overboard/, and a collaboration with artist 
Morgan Levy on poems about the importance of ponies in the lives of 
girl-children. She is very proud of her blog 
<http://www.ridiculoushuman.blogspot.com>) because it brings her joy. 
She's glad to know you.


*from /[Husband]/*

for k.

now, wife, get in your little boat and row


and row                                                            away


into sleep


remember the tales insist upon including a ghost and a body of water

but since they are a mere translation we don't know what they insist upon



I want and want

            and this

wanting is a trap


/if you tried and failed in your mission the honor/

/            /little one

/ /

/to which japan declines any response other than silence/

/ /

so that, every gesture

            was calculated with longing

/ /

/the integrity of this body is beyond doubt/

/ /

we never believed for a moment that you were or could be guilty

*Jennifer Bartlett*

                    *Mothers must always prove their readiness*

                    Most missing girls are dead girls. The lady
                    detective. Relevant short stories. Caught in the
                    throat. Set in the plains. Tea in Wyoming.
                    Everything else is a flash back. Bruises.
                    Wristsarms. Collect an advance. Seize. Elbow. Your
                    health insurance will remain on paper. The envelope
                    was a breath of air. An exhale. It was both. Small
                    pings. Wing flutters.

                    *Sarah Mangold*


*Peer Counseling*

Your Mommy issues

and my Daddy issues

should get together and spoon

*Lindsey Boldt*

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