[Local events] Sunday 4/5: Tipton, Murray, & Shimoda

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Fri Mar 13 02:00:15 PDT 2009

Spare Room presents

John Tipton
Beth Murray
Brandon Shimoda

Sunday, April 5
7:30 pm

Concordia Coffee House
2909 NE Alberta

$5.00 suggested donation

spareroom at flim.com


Upcoming Readings

May 10: Beverly Dahlen & David Abel
May 17: Andrew Schelling & music by Michael Stirling
June 14: Anne Gorrick & Deborah Woodard
July 12: Farrah Field & Jared White
August 16: Graham Foust & Eric Baus


John Tipton was the founder of the Chicago Poetry Project reading series 
in 2001. His first full-length collection, Surfaces, was published by 
Flood Editions in 2004; in 2008 Flood brought out his translation of the 
Ajax of Sophocles.

Beth Murray lives on the island of Alameda with her dog, Laney. Her new 
book, The Island, published by Second Story Books, is an invocation of 
her conversations with the Island and the animals who live there. Her 
other books include The Night's Night from Noemi Press and Hope Eternity 
Seen on the Hip of a Rabbit from a+ bend. She works as homeopath for 
both people and animals, including those at the Oakland Zoo. In her 
practice she finds poetry.

Brandon Shimoda was born in North America. Texts and images chronicling 
the intervening years can be found in The Alps (Flim Forum Press, 2008) 
and The Inland Sea (Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2008), as well as in the pages 
of Boston Review, Denver Quarterly, Fence, jubilat, New American 
Writing, Peaches and Bats, West Wind Review, and elsewhere. He currently 
lives in North America, once again, where he works for Wave Books.



the mendicant ants who plot the sidewalk
pattern their errors with shapes of intent

these chains of creatures t terms long
derive the contour of a message misread

as bare grammar mapped to finite frames
they accrue along paths of abstract mistake

ants riddle in the dirt a cipher
that rumors noiseless channels down occult warrens

the Rev Thomas Bayes models bodily decay
on these ants black & ochre tricked

just as hills erupt so we sicken
cells will track then feed on kin

the greens & brown of Tom’s surroundings
remind that joyous accident forms every place

what did this Mandarin of Chance hide
meaning in the I Ching of insects?

there explodes a storm in the atmosphere
at its edge he makes out rain

chaos miraculous like a cloud of starlings
scatters through the rivers of his nerves

clues of order scar this little Earth
Bayes takes as a blemish from Heaven

for CR & JM

John Tipton

XX. (letter)

your noise in the water pains us

sea we sleep and shit in
earth cannot comprehend
the part that subtracts and adds cannot know
Island risen up out of
fire water pushed up
sleeps into earth
who has heard it?
who has heard the material?
small snag to fall back on
who took the water and rose up
your literal
self cannot fathom

the whales swam up the channel
wrote a ninety mile letter through California

people drove to the middle of the state to

Beth Murray

from The Alps

filled with mythology, architecture
parties, bathing, the Pope
hanging from the window
a happy European

very clean Yes
very clean, we
yes you
are very

We came
to wash
the people
in vinegar

People! The war is
The war is

Brandon Shimoda

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