[Local events] FWD: Introductory Raga Class for Voice

David Abel passages at rdrop.com
Thu Mar 26 15:42:51 PDT 2009

Beginning Raga Class for Voice
with Michael Stirling

1st class is free!

Tuesdays, April 7 - May 26
7:00 - 8:30 pm

(8-week course @ $77)

For registration contact:

Yoga Shala
3808 North Williams
503-963-9642 info at yogashalapdx.com

“We follow Nada Yoga or the yoga of sound, in which the performer can be 
completely transported to a state of ecstasy.” Pandit Pran Nath

Reverence for sound is fundamental to Indian philosophy. Indian 
classical music is one of the world’s most beautiful musical forms and 
modes of human expression. In the Indian classical tradition, the voice 
is considered as the supreme instrument of musical articulation.

Raga is a timeless musical language that is at the heart of Hindustani 
classical music and exists today as a direct descendant of ancient 
traditions and artistic disciplines. It has been preserved, elaborated 
and developed through the ages, and passed on orally from teacher to 
disciple, in the intimate Guru-Shishya tradition.

This class will increase your increase your knowledge and broaden your 
understanding of the general elements of North Indian Classical Music 
(raga & tala) and its ancient cultural and historical elements. Students 
will sing and learn several raga scales and also compositions in those 
ragas. The rhythmic aspect of Indian classical music (tala) will also be 
examined. The class will be accompanied by tambura (essential drone 
instrument) and tabla (set of 2 small hand drums).

The class is taught in the Kirana style of North Indian classical vocal 
music ~ which traces its history back in time to the colorful era of the 
mogul kings and the legendary saint and singer Gopal Nayak, who 
worshipped Krishna, embraced Sufism and blended these elements into a 
spiritual form expressed in the language of music.

“The whole system of Hindu religion and philosophy is based on the 
science of vibration, and is called Nada Brahman, Sound-God. The poet 
Shams-e-Tabrez, writing of the creation, says that the whole mystery of 
the universe lies in sound.” Hazarat Inayat Khan

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