[Local events] Mailing list shift

David Abel passages at rdrop.com
Thu Sep 3 11:13:18 PDT 2009


For close to ten years, I've maintained two local event e-mail 
announcement lists; at some point during that time, you found your way 
onto one of them. I hope that you've found the mailings useful; the 
lists have gradually grown to nearly five hundred names, and about a 
thousand announcements have gone out over the duration.

You may have noticed a decrease in the volume of messages in the last 
few months -- other commitments have reached a point such that I no 
longer have time to devote to reading, selecting, reformatting, and 
resending the scores of interesting announcements that come my way.

I regret to say that in the future, with occasional (and perhaps 
whimsical) exceptions, I'll only be sending out notices for projects in 
which I'm directly involved -- the Spare Room readings, one or two 
closely associated reading series, my collaborative projects 
(performance, curatorial, etc.), and so on.

I've known for some time that a more efficient announcement and calendar 
system could be devised via the Web (and assorted devices), but that 
will have to be someone else's project. A few people have expressed 
interest in picking up the baton in some fashion, and I would be very 
happy to support and facilitate any such efforts. If you'd like to be 
involved, let me know, and I'll connect you to others.

To make it easier for folks to keep up with some of the "under the 
radar" information that I was in the habit of forwarding, I've included 
web and/or email addresses for a few individuals and organizations whose 
mailings were most often my sources. I hope that you'll contact them and 
get on their mailing lists, and that you'll encourage others to do the 
same by forwarding the information on . . . 

This contact list could of course be much more extensive; a local 
directory of that sort would be another laudable project for someone 
energetic to take on . . . no slight is meant by any omissions in this 
list; I've merely skimmed the most recent active correspondents, and 
I'll of course send out any corrections, additions, retractions, and so 
forth, that come my way.

yours very truly,



Tangent Reading Series,
Jules Boykoff, Rodney Koeneke, Kaia Sand: 
Smorg at the Waypost, Jesse Morse: poetmorse at yahoo.com
If Not For Kidnap, Donald Dunbar: normalghost at gmail.com
Three Friends Coffee House, Melissa Sillitoe: msillitoe at gmail.com
Writer's Dojo, www.writersdojo.org
Cover to Cover (Vancouver, WA), Christopher Luna: christopherjluna at gmail.com
DIVA series (Eugene), Tim Shaner: twshaner at comcast.net
Dan Raphael: raphael at aracnet.com
Paulann Petersen: paulann at paulann.net

Oregon Literary Coalition: http://lists.oregonstate.edu/mailman/listinfo/olc
Independent Publishing Resource Center: info at iprc.org
Soapstone Mailing List: retreats at soapstone.org (send name and zip code)
PSU Literary Blog: gradlitorg.blogspot.com


40 Frames: www.40frames.org
Cinema Project: www.cinemaproject.org

Performance Works NW: www.performanceworksnw.org

Tim DuRoche: timd at pcs.org
PDX New Music Society: brandon at portlandnewmusic.com
U of O World Music Series, Mark Levy: mlevy at uoregon.edu
Creative Music Guild, Jonathan Sielaff: jonathansielaff at gmail.com
Blue Cranes, Reed Wallsmith: reed at bluecranesmusic.com
Fear No Music, Inés Voglar: inesvoglar at gmail.com

Indian Music

Michael Stirling: m54ichael at gmail.com
Josh Feinberg: joshfeinbergmusic at gmail.com
Dhvani: dhvani at dhvani.org
Kalakendra: www.kalakendra.org

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