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Tuesday, August 2
1:00 pm

In the "Small Amphitheater Echo Chamber," in the NW quadrant of the 
square, just below Starbucks and the chess tables, Roscoe Koppel will 
host a reading by Martha Gies, Johnny Stallings, David Milholland, and 
others, of Senator Mark Hatfield's August 2, 1989 Senate speech "Peace 
Through Strength is a Fallacy."

The event will last about 25 minutes.

On August 2, 1989 on the floor of the U.S. Senate, Oregon Senator Mark 
Hatfield delivered a biting condemnation of America's willingness to 
waste billions on war.

*/"Is there no ethical dimension to our abuse of natural and human 
resources, to our waste of scientific genius, to the bankrupting of the 
Federal Treasury /**/to pay for weapons of mass destruction?" /*

As America is convulsed in the 'debt debate' it is an appropriate time 
to revisit the words ofOregon's esteemed Senator.

*/"Today we are vulnerable. The national defense of this Nation, has 
left us vulnerable, but not because we lack an arsenal. The 
vulnerability of this Nation today is that we rank at the bottom of the 
list in math and science, and that at least 20 million Americans cannot 
read or write. The vulnerability of our Nation is the deterioration and 
erosion of our infrastructure, our highways, bridges, airports, our 
ports. /**/Our vulnerability today is a nonproductive economy, a 
non-competitive economy. Our vulnerability is the people who are without 
homes, nutrition, education, health care."/**//*Senator Mark Hatfield -- 
August 2, 1989

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