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*Summer 2011 MAC Literary Arts Courses*

For more information, or to register, call 503-823-2787, or go to 
http://tinyurl.com/pdxparksonline where you can access all Portland 
Parks programs. (To download a complete summer course schedule, go to 

*Ways In: Muse-less Experiments in Poetry*
Lisa Radon
Wednesdays 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
July 7 -- August 17  [7 classes]

Tired of waiting around for the Muse to whisper in your ear? Or worse, 
hearing similar things whispered time and again? What if you could start 
your next poem right now without having to confront a blank page? What 
if rather than fine tuning your poetry practice you could shake it up 
instead? Throw open the windows and let in some fresh air? In this 
class, we'll do some serious playing around with writing experiments 
whose results may surprise you, while giving you tools to reinvigorate 
your own writing practice.

*Lisa Radon* writes about art and makes art about writing (and reading). 
Sometimes this art is a poem. Current projects include the ongoing "The 
Mine King" and the recently completed manuscript of poems as 
writings-through of artist statements and essays, /Theories & 
Documents/. Her writing about art can be found regularly in /art ltd/. 
and /ultra /(ultrapdx.com <http://ultrapdx.com>). Her work will be 
included in the exhibition, /Reading.Writing./ at galleryHOMELAND in 
August, and she'll give a talk at the Portland Art Museum in September.

*Writing Places
Creative Excursions in and around Portland
This summer, take your pen and notebook out for a stroll, and enliven 
your writing with a breath of fresh air! With local writers and artists 
as your guides, explore public transit, an extinct volcano, the temple 
of knowledge, or a cross-cultural landscape --- taking inspiration and 
provocation from views, paths, neighbors, and pictures; from everyday 
scenes and hidden histories. Each one-day excursion is a self-contained 
writing experience; register for one, or two --- or for all six!

The excursions are open to all; both beginning and experienced writers 
are welcome. On outdoor excursions, be sure to dress for Portland 
weather. Specific recommendations and any additional details will be 
provided upon registration. Full descriptions follow.

/*June 25*/ /Poems on a Train /(MAX Blue Line) -- Joel Bettridge
/*July 9 *Write Like a Bird/ (Oaks Bottom) -- Jesse Morse
/*July 23*   Fire + Water = Park/ (Mt. Tabor) -- Jesse Morse and Allison 
/*July 30*   A Day at the Library/ (Central Library) -- Nate Orton and 
James Yeary
/*Aug. 6* / /In Response: Poems on Art/ (Pearl District) -- Lisa Radon
/*Aug. 27*  Borrowed Scenery/ (Portland Japanese Garden) -- David Abel

*Poems on a Train*
June 25, 2:00 pm -- 6:00 pm
Joel Bettridge
We will ride the Max (Blue line) together, from downtown Portland out to 
Hillsboro and back. The train schedule will dictate our writing 
experiments, and each stop on the line will have its own writing 
exercise. Through these constraints we will interact with the urban and 
suburban geographies we traverse, and the people we encounter, to 
produce our poems. When we return to Portland, we will gather to share 
the results of our experiments. /(Max fare not included in workshop fee.)/

*Write Like a Bird: Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge*
July 9, 10:00 am -- 2:00 pm
Jesse Morse
W.G. Sebald compared his writing process to the way "a dog runs through 
a field"'; Thoreau encouraged us to write like a fox. Is it possible to 
move on the page the way a Great Blue Heron soars through the air? On a 
walk through Oaks Bottom, a birdwatcher's paradise, we'll explore how 
our animal friends might help us write. We'll read examples, and explore 
writing exercises that encourage us to inhabit a space outside our own. 
We'll look for critters, bird watch, and simply walk, leaving time for 
discussion and feedback.

*Fire + Water = Park: Mount Tabor*
July 23, 10:00 am -- 2:00 pm
Jesse Morse & Allison Cobb
In 1903, John Olmsted wrote in his Report of the Park Board, "There 
seems to be every reason why a portion, at least, of Mount Tabor should 
be taken as a public park." What makes a landscape public? And at what 
cost to the environment do cities construct and maintain their imagined 
landscapes? In this workshop, we'll wander the heavily visited trails of 
Mt. Tabor, examine the reservoirs, and explore the relationship between 
a city and its designated landscapes. We'll read, walk, and write, with 
time allotted for discussion.

*A Day at the Library*
July 30, 11:00 am -- 4:00 pm
Nate Orton and James Yeary
See the library as a book of its own: read from its resources of 
fiction, fact, art, and music; take as sources the people and pages that 
surround you; and respond in writing and artwork of your own. Writer 
James Yeary and visual artist Nate Orton (authors of the My Day zine 
series) will spend the day with you in the Portland Public library, 
guiding you with models, examples, and exercises. Work produced in the 
workshop will later be compiled into a collaborative follow-up book to 
James and Nate's 2009 volume My Day at the Library.

*In Response: Poems on Art*
August 6, 12:00 -- 4:00 pm
Lisa Radon
Spend an afternoon visiting galleries in Portland's Pearl District, 
making poems in response to and in conversation with works of 
contemporary art. Poet, artist, and arts writer Lisa Radon will guide 
you beyond straightforward description, to take a more expansive view of 
what a poetic response to a work of art might be --- stoking the fire 
with related readings, writing experiments and prompts, and a tuning in 
to your own five senses.

*Borrowed Scenery: The Japanese Garden*
August 27, 12:00 -- 5:00 pm
David Abel
Considered by many to be the most authentic example outside Japan, 
Portland's Japanese Garden is a perfect place for contemplation and 
observation. We'll meet in the back room of a nearby cafe to briefly 
consider some of the basic principles behind the design of the garden 
and their possible relationships to writing, and then we'll wander the 
garden paths and write. Several exercises will help jump-start the 
writing process. After our visit, we'll return to the cafe and share our 
results, with time for feedback and ideas for furthering what we've 
begun. /(Garden admission not included in workshop fee.)/
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