[Local events] 6/19: Spare Room Presents Jennifer Bartlett & Chris Piuma at The Waypost

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Tue Jun 14 07:55:04 PDT 2011

 Jennifer Bartlett & Chris Piuma *Sunday, June 19th*
*7:30 pm*

The Waypost
<http://thewaypost.com/>*3120 N. Williams Ave.*

*$5.00 suggested donation*

Jennifer Bartlett was a 2005 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow. Her
collections include *Derivative of the Moving Image* (UNM Press 2007),
A Chapbook *Designed by Andrea Baker (Saint Elizabeth Street/Youth-in-Asia
Press 2010) and *(a) lullaby without any music* (Chax 2011).

Chris Piuma is a professional word garbler. He has three chapbooks:
Exercises in Penmanship (nine muses, 2007); On January
Thirty-First...(Crane's Bill Books, 2008); and Bell-lloc (Airfoil, 2011),
which this reading will be something of a release party for. He is now
working on a PhD in Toronto, studying how medieval language contact
encouraged perverse forms of creativity. He is one of the founders of Spare
Room and is excited to be back in Portland.

>From a retranslation of The Chronicles of the Guayaki Indians*

and if this parasitic existence

should go on for too long of a time

he will be left at the foot of a tree

before a fire

there he must wait patiently

for death

the waiting may or may not be long

but an old man is not a strong man

and the process will move quickly

he has turned nature upside down

in his attempt to draw the moon

closer to the sea

he must suffer for his wanderings

it is this suffering that he has created

he is forced to pay for this reversal

*Jennifer Bartlett*

*from "360 rhythms for mARK oWEns"
hrtymh mhrthy tmhhyr yrmthh
tmyhhr hthmyr hhmtyr hhytmr
mthryh hthrym rymhht hyrhmt
yhmthr ythhrm thhmry thrmyh
tymrhh hhyrmt mrthyh yhrmht
mhryth htyrmh tryhhm mhythr

hmhrty trymhh rythhm rhhtym
hrmyht tyrhmh rtyhmh hrhtym
rmhthy rhtmhy htrmhy ymrhht
hrytmh myhhtr yhrthm ymrthh
hthmry thyrhm mhhyrt rhymth
mtryhh trhyhm thryhm mhhrty

hhmytr mhyrht hytrmh hmtyrh
hymhrt mrhtyh ymtrhh myhthr
tyhrhm mrhhyt hmhtry hhmtry
mhtyrh yrhtmh thmrhy hrtyhm
ymhthr mrhthy hmyrth mthrhy
rthmyh htyhmr rhtymh hmhytr

*Chris Piuma*
* *

*Maryrose Larkin*

Now available: Marrowing<http://airfoilchapbooks.blogspot.com/2011/02/marrowing-by-maryrose-larkin.html>
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