[Local events] Sat. 5/28 at Evergreen: Stecopolous & Abel

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Fri May 27 10:47:05 PDT 2011

If you happen to be in or passing near Olympia tomorrow:

PRESS Event: Guest Artists Eleni Stecopoulos & David Abel

Saturday May 28th
8:00 pm

Room C1105
Evergreen State College
Olympia, WA

Please join us for a special evening of poetic performance and critical 
discussion on the intersections of language, power, and art under 
neoliberal capitalism, with guest artists Eleni Stecopoulos and David Abel.

This is a PRESS Reading Series event, co-sponsored by Experiments in 
Text: Reclaiming Public Spaces, Slightly West Literary Journal, 
Wheelhouse Magazine, Prolegomena to a Future Poetics, Calculated 
Fiction, and the Office of the Budget Dean.

Eleni Stecopoulos was born in New York, NY, and now lives in Berkeley, 
CA. She is the author of Armies of Compassion (Palm Press, 2010), 
Autoimmunity (Taxt, 2006), and her poems and essays have appeared in 
journals including CHAIN, ECOPOETICS, Harvard Review, XCP:CROSS CULTURAL 
POETICS, The Capilano Review, and THE ENCYCLOPEDIA PROJECT. She received 
a Creative Work Fund grant to curate a program series around art and 
medicine for the SFSU Poetry Center and write a related book. 
Stecopoulos is a graduate of the University of Virginia MFA program and 
the Poetics Program at Buffalo. She teaches in the Language and Thinking 
program at Bard College and sometimes co-directs the Paros Translation 
Symposium in Greece.

"'Philosophy never confesses / its delicate condition' writes Eleni 
Stecopoulos, as she takes on the inherently vulnerable role of 
investigative poet, asking whether the body, personal and politic, is 
irrevocably split off in its systemic afflictions. In this book 
Stecopoulos deploys the paradoxical force/fragility of poetry at all too 
familiar sites of our abjection. She does this with historically aware 
wisdom and humor. Can words help, not as palliative or consolation, but 
as source of transfiguring energy? 'Levitating girls' hover over 'lines 
gathering / all the intelligence' of an intellectually astute 
imagination steeped in, among many aesthetic legacies, that of ancient 
Greece, where the fact 'that the god descends on creaking pulleys in no 
way undermines the apparition.' This poet has the guts and strategy 
(persistent courage) of what she calls 'choric goals...waiting in the 
echo / for a tone,' subtending towards love"--Joan Retallack

David Abel moved to Portland, Oregon in 1997, after tenures in New York 
and Albuquerque, where he maintained the Bridge Bookshop and Passages 
Bookshop and Gallery, respectively. He is the author of several 
chapbooks and artist's books, most recently Commonly (Airfoil, 2009) and 
While You Were In (disposable books, 2008, with Leo & Anna Daedalus); 
Chive Craft Grove is forthcoming from Chax Press. He is the publisher of 
the Envelope series of broadsides, and (with Sam Lohmann) the Airfoil 
chapbook series.

As an interdisciplinary artist, he has collaborated on numerous 
performance, film, theater, and intermedia projects; a founding member 
of the Spare Room reading series (now in its tenth year) and Four Wall 
Cinema (the precursor to Cinema Project), he teaches at the Multnomah 
Arts Center, where he is also the coordinator of the Literary Arts 
program. An inaugural Research Fellow of the Center for Art + 
Environment of the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno for 2010-12 
(nevadaart.org/ae/center), he is presently curating the exhibition 
Object Poems for 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland, to be on view November 
2011, and organizing the archive of poet Gene Frumkin, among other 
bibliographical and publishing projects.

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