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*Artist's Talk and Happy Hour*

Lisa Radon

Portland Art Museum
Thursday, September 8
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

$5 members; $12 nonmembers
Space is limited to the first 45 ticket holders
Participants depart at 6:00 pm from the Hoffman Lobby.
Talks are followed by a complimentary happy hour until 8:00 pm.



/Meaning might be thought of as the desire to think something -- 
anything -- through; the will to make sense out of the ever-present fog 
of not-quite-knowing; the recognition of nonsense./
      -- Arakawa and Gins, preface to 1978 edition of /Mechanism of 

Lisa Radon will be talking about the print portfolio, "No! says the 
signified" (1973) by Shusaku Arakawa (1936-2010). All of the prints from 
the portfolio will be on display for the event in the Haber Study Room. 

Part of Arakawa's larger address, with collaborator Madeline Gins, of 
the /Mechanism of Meaning/ (the title of a book by the duo), the works 
in the portfolio use stenciled and handwritten words, erasures, and 
other marks to question the ways we perceive and the ways we make 
meaning. "No more passive reading," they write. How do we make meaning 
of the world we "read" or perceive? What's to be gained by knowing how 
we do it, what outside influences might color the process? And is art 
rather than philosophy the best gateway into thinking this through?

/We remain convinced that "subjectivity" is largely made up of false 
constructs that must be neutralized, if ever anything is to begin "to 
live unconditionally." Unconditionally to live, that is what a 
post-utopia might offer in contrast, yes, even to a utopia, with its 
more conservative range of promises, from universal plumbing, more 
equality, down to, quite likely, more uniformity in belief. No, the 
post-utopia has nothing to offer except a chance finally to know what 
you are doing.
/     -- Arakawa and Gins, preface to 1978 edition of /Mechanism of 


Traveling the möbius strip of reading and writing in an art context, 
Radon writes about art and makes art about writing. She's interested in 
the ways language is used to construct, record, preserve, complicate, 
and confound meaning. She curated the show /Reading.Writing. /currently 
on view at GalleryHOMELAND with work by regional and international artists.

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