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         3 Friends Coffee House
         SE 12th and ash
         monday  april 16, 2012  7pm sharp

/*the sexuality of ageing*/   by margareta waterman

performed by
margareta waterman, voice
michael mendenhall, keyboard
david parker, percussion

margareta will also perform, with*brian cutean*,
at/*scratch pdx*/,*hipbone studio*,
1847 east burnside   saturday april 14   9 pm

*margareta waterman* dabbles in all the arts, and mixes them up when she 
can; her best love, always, is words, and the multiple ways they dance. 
from this naturally followed creating and producing live theatre, books, 
recordings, archives and so on, for herself and colleagues. *nine muses 
books/nine muses mystery theatre*, which she started in 1987, has 
published and produced works of over 50 artists, not excluding herself.  
now semi-retired in the oregon woods, she maintains a presence in poetry 

*michael mendenhall* plays innumerable instruments, both musical and 
social, in innumerable venues around the world.  he engineers both 
recordings and factories, makes tea in the chinese manner, and is always 
ready for music.

*david parker* plays music and manages small woodlands.  his influence 
and inspiration contributes to environmental consciousness in rural 
southern oregon, and his grass roots music keeps local audiences alert  
and dancing.  he seldom plays in portland; when he does, he is much admired.

what is the work of artists?  to invoke deities.  it takes a deity to 
fight a demon.  it is how our artists are made.
pattison,/beautiful ghosts/
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