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David Abel david at thetextgarage.com
Fri Nov 9 16:27:04 PST 2012

/As part of Performance Works Northwest's 10th (and final) Richard 
Foreman Fest,
you are invited to participate in writing poems following these 
Invisible Dog Poems
*1)* See the 3 columns of words in the attached pdf document
/or go to http://foremanfest.tumblr.com/invisible_dog/
*2)* Pick 1-5 words out of these three columns*
*3)* Use these 1-5 words to create a 1-5 word poems.
/     (example "Finally thing weightlessness City"/
*4)* Post these poems publicly in the physical world
/     (example: 1) write out each word in a window pane
      (example: 2) stick your poem on a telephone pole
      (example: 3) use chalk on your sidewalk to write your poem
      (example:4) etc.
/*5)* Take a picture of the poem
*6)* Post the photo on this tumblr page: http://foremanfest.tumblr.com/
*7)* repeat #1-5
*8)* tell your friends to join in

* 3 columns are words gleaned from Richard Foreman's text, Roly Poly In 

*Thank you: Marko Whens
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