[Local events] FWD: Boycott The Organic and "Natural" Traitor Brands

David Abel david at thetextgarage.com
Sat Nov 17 00:13:33 PST 2012

  Payback Time: Boycott the Organic and "Natural"
  Traitor Brands that Helped Kill Prop 37

They stomped on our right to know. Now it's time to get even.

Prop 37, the California Right to Know GMO labeling initiative, was 
narrowly defeated last week thanks to a relentless, deceitful 
$46-million advertising blitz. Among the largest bankrollers of the NO 
on 37 campaign were huge multinational food and beverage companies whose 
subsidiaries make billions selling some of your favorite organic and 
"natural" brands.

Brands like Kashi. Honest Tea. Naked Juice. Muir Glen, Horizon, Silk, 
and Morningstar Farms.

It's time to boycott the companies and brands whose dirty money confused 
and scared millions of California voters into voting No on Prop 37. It's 
time to plaster their facebook pages with this message: We won't support 
you until you support us. It's time to call their consumer hotlines, 
complain to the store managers where you buy your organic and natural 
products. It's time to tarnish their holy organic and natural images, to 
expose their hypocrisy and greed.

It's time to raise a little hell. If we raise enough hell, maybe their 
parent companies will come to their senses and stop carrying the water 
for Monsanto and the biotech industry. Maybe they'll stay neutral in the 
upcoming labeling battles in Washington state and Vermont.

The OCA is calling on consumers to boycott these organic and "natural" 
traitor brands:

    * PepsiCo (Donated $2.5M): Naked Juice, Tostito's Organic, Tropicana
    * Kraft (Donated $2M): Boca Burgers and Back to Nature
    * Safeway (Member of Grocery Manufacturers Association, which
      donated $2M):"O" Organics
    * Coca-Cola (Donated $1.7M): Honest Tea, Odwalla
    * General Mills (Donated $1.2M):  Muir Glen, Cascadian Farm, Larabar
    * Con-Agra (Donated $1.2M): Orville Redenbacher's Organic, Hunt's
      Organic, Lightlife, Alexia
    * Kellogg's (Donated $791k): Kashi, Bear Naked, Morningstar Farms,
    * Smucker's (Donated $555k ): R.W. Knudsen, Santa Cruz Organic
    * Unilever (Donated $467k): Ben & Jerry's
    * Dean Foods (Donated $254k): Horizon, Silk, White Wave

Tell these companies that if they want your loyalty - and your grocery 
dollars - they must do two things:

1. Speak out publicly in favor of the pending GMO Labeling Ballot 
Initiative (I-522) in Washington State in 2013, as well as the pending 
GMO labeling bills coming up in Vermont and other states.

2. Contribute as much or more money to the Yes on I-522 Campaign in 
Washington than their parent corporations spent to defeat Prop 37 in 

Prop 37 was narrowly defeated, by dirty money and dirty tricks. But it 
spawned a huge, national consumer movement that is fired up and more 
determined than ever to fight this battle until we win the right to know 
if our food has been genetically modified. We're already collecting 
signatures in Washington State, talking to legislators in Vermont and 
Connecticut. A 30-state coalition is formulating a plan to collaborate 
on GMO-labeling laws and initiatives.

You are a part of this movement, and today we're calling on you, on the 
millions of consumers who were outraged by the NO on 37's dirty 
campaign, to send a clear message to the traitor brands who helped kill 
Prop 37, in the only language they understand: lost profits and lower sales.

*Join the boycott* 

*Read the press release* 

*See which brands helped defeat Prop 37* 

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