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/Lend your voice! Participate in a Marathon Reading of Homer's ILIAD
In celebration of /*The Body Beautiful*/ at the Portland Art Museum

*Sunday, December 2
*10:00 a.m. -- 8:00 p.m.

Fields Ballroom
Portland Art Museum

The words of the poet Homer were originally spoken aloud. Relive the 
experience of this oral tradition by participating in a daylong marathon 
reading of /The Iliad/. Readers of all ages and backgrounds are invited 
to participate. No special training is required. Space is limited and 
available on a first-come, first-served basis. Listeners welcome 
throughout the day.

To register to read and select a time, or for tickets, go to 
portlandartmuseum.org or thereadersofhomer.org.

A week prior to the event, readers will be emailed their 20-30 lines 
(2-3 minutes) and are encourage to read them as they wish (i.e., in a 
foreign language, as a song, in a family group). All interpretations 

To Read:/
$5 Student
$5 Museum Member
FREE for P.S.U Students and Under 17
$15 Adult nonmember
(includes admission that day to /The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece/)



On Sunday, December 2, hundreds of citizens will gather at the Portland 
Art Museum to revive the ancient Greek tradition of reading poetry aloud.

 From 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., 400 individuals---of all ages and 
backgrounds---will relive the thrilling story of the Trojan war, 
participating in a daylong marathon reading of Homer's Iliad, produced 
by the international literary organization The Readers of Homer in 
association with the Portland Art Museum.

Representatives of cultural societies and communities based in Portland, 
visitors, artists, journalists, professors and teachers, parents and 
students are expected to join hundreds of citizens who will read or sing 
their passages, each in their own way and language, one after the other, 
in the course of 10 hours.

Their common aim will be to add their voices in celebration of the 
Museum's international exhibition The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece 
which features Greek and Roman sculpture from The British Museum.

The reading will be coordinated with on-stage projections of archaic and 
classical images from the Portland Art Museum and The Readers of Homer 
archives, along with the English version of the epic, a mosaic of 
segments from Pope's and Fitzgerald's translations and Christopher 
Logue's Iliad.

The event is organized with the kind support of the Hellenic Studies 
Program at Portland State University. Additional support provided by the 
University of Portland, Reed College, Willamette University, Lewis & 
Clark College, Portland Community College, Literary Arts, and 

More info: www.portlandartmuseum.org | www.thereadersofhomer.org

Contact: Beth Heinrich Portland Art Museum Tel: 503-276-4370 
beth.heinrich at pam.org

Katherine Balamoti
The Readers of Homer
Tel : +44(0)7783177841
office at ellinikotheatro.org

Laura Hohlwein
The Readers of Homer
Tel: 001 916 769 6441
info at thereadersofhomer.org

About The Readers of Homer

The Readers of Homer is a non-profit international literary organization 
based in the USA, which produces all-day and all-night 
audience-participation readings of the Iliad and the Odyssey, in 
locations humble and sublime. The aims of the organization include the 
revival of public reading, the recognition of the eternal immediacy of 
Homer, the honoring of the international translators of his epics and 
the offering of a multilayered cultural and educational experience to 
hundreds of participants. Similar events have taken place at the Getty 
Villa in Los Angeles; the Dahesh Museum, the Orensanz Foundation and the 
92nd Street Y in New York, the Maria Tsakos Foundation and the 
University of Montevideo in Uruguay, the Library of Alexandria, the 
Medieval Castle in Kos and Daskalopetra in Chios. This year the Readers 
of Homer presented a marathon reading of the Odyssey with 400 European 
citizens in Brussels in the context of the initiative 12 Hours for 
Greece, the Iliad in the context of the London 2012 Olympic Games, and 
the Odyssey at Fairytale Town in Sacramento, Calif.

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