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Hey folks, just noticing Division Leap's new post. It sounds like their St. Johns location will be a good space for events. I know, too far, but maybe this lends to the idea of trying one out for the Moriarty reading. It kind of aches me to lose this. 

Dear Portland, Division Leap is moving to St. Johns! Our new location will open in early April at Cathedral Park Place. The new space will be twice as large as our old space, and give us more latitude to stage readings and exhibitions. Our downtown location will remain open for the next couple of weeks, and this Sunday's Spare Room reading is still on - stay tuned for more details. 

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Sarah Dowling & Bryan Coffelt 

Sunday, March 10 
7:30 pm 

Division Leap 
211 SW 9th Avenue 
(between Burnside and Oak) 
503-206-7291 $5.00 suggested donation 

Sarah Dowling is the author of Birds & Bees , and of Security Posture . Her writing has appeared in the anthology I'll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women, and in many journals. Sarah teaches at the University of Washington Bothell . 

Bryan Coffelt is designer and co-editor for Future Tense Books and publisher/editor of Mammoth Editions. He is the author of Person/People, poems and fictions forthcoming from sunnyoutside press. 

bury it 
bury it 

and then you're not even 
sure I, I think if if 


If something, something is either 
the burial is gonna have to be // 

gonna be safe 

or maybe even, maybe you 
can but it doesn't seem 
possible m-hm 

I really, I really 
don't know// 

Sarah Dowling 

Memory 13 

Memory of catching on 
somewhere and making a thing happen 
with someone who you think 
has the emotional capital to 
bring you up to your full potential 
what capital is in this situation 
is skin and that 
the redeeming note of the Dish Network 
subscription you share 
is a man in the corner 
thinking "making the world my bitch" 
clutching at his brain 
digging at things that are 
only professional or sex 
and it's sometimes rockets 
the tempo of a life-changing 
immediacy fucking you hideously 

Memory 20 

Memory of a fire 
eating its air 
God is our Creator 
and King in Heaven 
can you spare 
any change 

Bryan Coffelt 


Maryrose Larkin 

maryrose at gmail.com 



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