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*Jen Coleman & Judith Arcana
Thursday, May 16
6:30 pm

*Rain or Shine Coffee House
* <http://rainorshinepdx.com/authors>5941 SE Division

The event is free and open to the public; the reading series is run by 
Bill Cameron; the coffee house, near Mt Tabor Park, is a good place to 
eat, drink, and listen to writers.


*No More Water, But*

often we see the hot bright flames
feather out into the sky, sparking

our sun is on fire, and all the stars
fire lives in the core of this earth

heat and light, born together
burning toward illumination

toward the great blaze -- /the fire
next time/ -- and this is the next time

-- Judith Arcana


*This is the Next Time, But*

often our blood feathers break
in a night fright, sparking

shark attention, and all the waves'
weight in the sweep of this sea.

Tooth and quill, born together
decaying toward elimination,

toward the water -- no more

--Jen Coleman
/(for and from Judith Arcana)/

*Jen Coleman*'s manuscript /Psalms for Dogs and Sorcerers/ was selected 
for the 2013 Bob Kaufman prize and is forthcoming from Trembling Pillow 
Press. Jen is a member of the Spare Room 
<http://www.flim.com/spareroom/> collectivewhich hosts readings in 
Portland, and she recently participated in _13 Hats_ 
<http://13hats.org/>, a group of poets and artists practicing collective 
inquiry. Previously, Jen lived in New York and was a co-editor of 
/_Pom2_ <http://pom2magazine.tumblr.com/>/journal, and lived in DC where 
she spent a year co-curating the In Your Ear reading series. She holds 
an MFA from George Mason University, and currently serves as Outreach 
Director for Oregon Environmental Council.

*Judith Arcana* writes poems, stories and essays. Her recent books are 
poetry collections -- /The Parachute Jump Effect, 4th Period English, 
/and/What if your mother/; these all followed her third prose book, 
/Grace Paley's Life Stories, A Literary Biography/. One of her new 
stories about tattooing and abortion is coming out as a zine ("Keesha 
and Joanie and JANE"); two more are online here 
<http://www.servinghousejournal.com/ArcanaQuestion.aspx/>. She's now 
working on a book of her Maude poems. Listen to Judith read at her 
website, on SoundCloud, and elsewhere on the net; learn about her work, 
including all her books, here <http://www.juditharcana.com/>._
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