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/from Anna Daedalus:

/Dear Friends,

I'm collaborating with Kerry Davis on a suite of body-length photograms 
that evoke the shadows of victims vaporized by the atomic bombings of 
Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We've been working on this project since 2012, 
having begun as members of the artists-and-writers collective 13 Hats. 
/Shadows/ is supported in part by a project grant from the Regional Arts 
& Culture Council.

*I invite you to help us* complete the project by donating to our 
Kickstarter campaign 

Last week we held a public photo session in which participants were 
invited to lend their shadows in commemoration. A selection of the 
resulting images will be on view June 6 -- August 11 at the Oregon 
Nikkei Legacy Center, in conjunction with the 2013 commemoration 
of Hiroshima Day.

*Today we're heading to the darkroom* to start developing these 
life-size images from 99-foot long rolls of photographic paper. We 
imagine it will be a moving experience to see these shadows emerge as we 
serpentine the paper through trays that we've custom built for the purpose.

*Campaign Rewards: Catalogue & Poster*

A trifold exhibition catalogue beautifully designed by Leo Daedalus will 
contain photographs of Shadow Box photograms with an essay by David 
Abel, and an accompanying poster will feature images from our related 
project, /Water Shadows/, with poems written for the project by 
Standard Schaefer and David Abel. There are limited-edition print 
portfolio rewards as well.

*See more information plus a video and photographs from the project on 
our Kickstarter project page 
<http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/260665466/shadows-2>. We'd love to 
have your support!*

Peace and many thanks,

PS. In case the links don't come through, here it is:

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Anna Daedalus
503-267-5835. annadaedalus.com <http://annadaedalus.com/>
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