[Local events] Sun. 11/16: Tim Shaner & Kyle Schlesinger

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Spare Room presents

*Tim Shaner & Kyle Schlesinger**

*Sunday, November 16**
*4:00 pm

/*please note earlier starting time *//*
*Glyph Café and Art Space <http://www.glyphpdx.com>**
*804 NW Couch Street --- corner of NW Park

$5 suggested donation

*Tim Shaner*'s first book of poems, /Picture X/, is recently out from 
Airlie Press. He has a PhD from SUNY Buffalo's Poetics program; while in 
Buffalo, he co-curated the Rust Talks series. He was an editor of /Wig/, 
a magazine on writing work, and from 2008-14 he curated the A-New 
reading series in Eugene, Oregon, where he lives and teaches writing at 
Lane Community College.

*Kyle Schlesinger* is the author of /Parts of Speech/ (Chax Press, 
2014), /The Do How/ (with James Yeary; Great Fainting Spells, 2014), and 
other works. He is the proprietor of Cuneiform Press and an Associate 
Professor of Publishing at University of Houston-Victoria.

f*rom "Shelldwellers"**
How do you stop a word from popping up like a cookie? You
Start out with /invention/ and end up on /convention/, which is a lower
Score. What's a song without a melody? you ask. A song that makes
Melody of the cracks. /Got that?/ It's like you're nowhere more present

Precisely as you're shifting. Jobs should stay put, though. I want one
That's tedious but short. A job I can dream on, so I can get back to
/Work/. This scenery stinks of economics. Dish out a few particulars and
You've got a full meal (the kind that makes you famished in a short 
hour), or

/Can I go now? /You want extra sauce just so it tastes like anything, or
/A debriefing system/. Here's a list and a pencil for marking off, a 
residual form
Of labor, shoveled under like so much, if I may, raw sewage. Brings us back

To the same spot of time, or /back to the future./ Is the brain a taser? 
Spring cleaning cleanse? Coffee and the news do not make a mise-
En-scène . What /is/ found there? Hit the space bar to get a clue

*Tim Shaner*

/for CW/

You wouldn't believe it
If I told you
That I was where
You thought you were
When we heard the news
Come over the wire
Seems like yesterday
Only yesterday
Seems like an eternity
And tomorrow's
Just around the corner
And every movement

There's a feeling
Of routine and possibility
That keeps me on my toes
Okay, since you asked
A little about me
Let's see, guilty pleasures?
For starters:
I love a new toothbrush
(especially orange)
And black t-shirts
Medium, 3-packs w/
A pocket on the breast

But I'm not picky
I mean I /am/
But not really
After you get to know me
But enough about me
How about you?
Yeah, me too...
Oh totally...
Wouldn't be caught dead, etc.
Yeah, I see what you . . .
Those pricks . . .
Say, now /there's/ an idea!

Phone's ringing off the hook
Outside it's dark and it's
Already been noon
For an hour, maybe two
Where does the time go?
And it's still dark outside
It looks like rain, and boy,
We could sure use it!
And I know you're coming
Over on your bike
In an hour or two
What will we do?

I'm a sincere person
(really mean that)
But I can't take life
Too seriously
And that sums it up
Pretty good
I think, I think
I take the phone
Off the hook
Look up at the sky
Close my eyes ---
Now it's all coming back to me

*Kyle Schlesinger*
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