[Local events] TOMORROW: Sat. 6/6, opening reception for Bricolage / Discrete Series

Passages Bookshop david at passagesbookshop.com
Fri Jun 5 16:18:15 PDT 2015

/*the gallery / Passages Bookshop*/ 


/     an empirical exhibition/

*     June 6-30, 2015*

/*     Opening reception:*/
*Saturday, June 6 *
                Noon to 3:00 pm

      17 SE Third Avenue, Suite 502
      (corner of Ankeny, top floor)

*     featuring two-dimensional work by*

Bern Porter          Antoni Tàpies          Tom Phillips Norval Morriseau
Felicia Atkinson          Michael Moore          Steve Seidenberg 
          Fredrik Averin
Scott Hyde          Terri Warpinski          Anna Daedalus Karen Randall
Jacob Jones          Alec Finlay          Emily McVarish Richard Tipping
Augusto de Campos          Paul Maurer          Jess Collins          
Sam Lohmann
Robert Schlegel          Linda Hutchins          Nate Orton Diane Jacobs
Valerie Wernet

*among many others, and including*

/anonymous photographs           thrift store paintings letterpress 
//engineering drawings          hand-colored campo santos/ /          
experimental lithographs//
//propaganda posters/ /          drawings by poets//
*hung according to the laws of chance*
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