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*Judy Dunaway + Linda Austin* 

*Thursday, November 12*
7:30 pm

*Performance Works NW*
4625 SE 67th

More information here 
about this show and the Alembic showcase on Nov. 13-14.

*Judy Dunaway* performs avant-garde compositions and free improvisations 
on amplified latex balloons played as musical instruments. She is known 
internationally as a “virtuoso of the balloon.” She plays a variety of 
shapes and sizes of balloon instruments, each with its own special 
qualities, pushing the extremes of both pitch range and artistic limits. 
Her large rubbed “tenor” balloon gives Jimi Hendrix’s guitar a run for 
the money and her giant balloon pulsates into the depths of the 
subaudio. Her abstract music and sounds are difficult to equate with 
other forms, and, depending upon the perception of the individual, 
resemble the images seen in fire or clouds.

*Linda Austin* performs /A head of time/,  a solo version of a 2012 
ensemble work that the /Portland Monthly/ described as “a multimedia 
feast for the senses, where dance is but a part of a multifaceted 
journey.” This new iteration, which premiered last summer in Morelia, 
Mexico for the XVIII International Festival of Contemporary Dance of 
Michoacán, sifts movement, text, video, objects including blankets, a 
balloon and a hammer, and sound by Seth Nehil, into a piece that is part 
ritual and part poetic-scientific examination of loss, mortality, and 
the shifting landscapes of time.

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