[Local events] FWD: Sat-Sun Dec 5-6 & 12-13, Martha Banyas exhibition at Apa Ini

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/*Valley and Shadow: Another Life*/
/Vitreous Enamel Sculptures 2009-2015/

*Martha Banyas*

*Apa Ini Gallery*
1825 SE 7th Avenue

*Saturdays and Sundays**
**December 5-6 and 12-13*
1:00 - 6:00 pm

Before I started Apa Ini, I was a teacher (Mt. Hood Community 
College/Art Dept) and an artist. I was represented in Portland by the 
wonderful William Jameson, and made lots of work from the early 70s 
until the gallery closed at William's death. By that time I had resigned 
my job at Mt. Hood (1985). I became enchanted by Asia on an extended 
research grant in 1981. I was excited about travel, about Asia, about 
understanding other cultures and wanted to experience art from a totally 
different point of view. I started Apa Ini to support this dream, and 
still managed to make art for another five years. Then the gallery 
closed, the business grew and I concentrated on Apa Ini.

But for the entire twenty years of Apa Ini, I was observing makers of 
all kinds, and all over not only SE Asia but also Turkey. I took 
thousands of photos of people making things, I touched and handled 
uncountable thousands of handmade things. I talked to makers about what 
they were making and why. I lived for months at a time in Asia and 
Turkey. I kept out special pieces which I treasured because those makers 
had embedded something in those objects that touched me deeply.

In 2005, due largely to economics, but also to fatigue, I closed my 
business, said my goodbyes and returned happily to being an artist, 
working in my studio, and living in Oak Grove.  In 2009, that beautiful 
world came to a screeching halt when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. 
After an initial period of dread and immobility, I realized I wanted to 
use my beloved material of enamel-on-metal to make sculpture about this 
pivotal time in my life. And I wanted to describe the experiences I was 
having using my history and memories of Asia to tell my story.

/Valley and Shadow: Another Life/ is a series of enamel wall sculptures. 
It was a five-year project. I completed the final of twelve pieces this 
past spring, just before starting to work on the final Apa Ini sale. 
These pieces are not for sale, but before they go traveling for 
exhibition, or find a permanent location, I wanted to share them with my 
community of appreciators, enthusiasts, and lovers of beauty.
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