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/*Why Is It Colder at the Top of the Mountain If It Is Closer to the 
Sun? */ <http://www.rollupspace.com/exhibitions/>

*New paintings by Melissa Monroe*

*September 3-27*

/Opening reception:/
*First Thursday, September 3*
6:00 - 9:00 pm

*Roll-Up Photo Studio + Gallery* <http://www.rollupspace.com/>
1715 SE Spokane St

/This exhibition, originally scheduled for Glyph Cafe, as been moved to 
Roll-Up, a new gallery in Sellwood, owned and operated by Anna Daedalus 
& Kerry Davis./

*Gallery hours:* Wed-Fri 12:00 - 5:00 pm; Sat-Sun 10:00 am - 5:00 pm; 
and by appointment


*Melissa Monroe *is a self-taught artist living and working in Portland. 
She completed her first piece of visual art in late 2013, following a 
period of personal and professional upheaval, and has since created more 
than three hundred art works. “I have learned more from my paintings 
than any book has taught me,” she says. “Painting has changed my life. I 
have changed my life.”

The fulcrum of Monroe’s artistic vision is self exploration, which she 
pursues in a style distinguished by its vulnerability and frankness. Her 
work seeks a balance between abstraction and emotional form, asking such 
questions as

    What does emotion look like in the absence of human physical expression?
    What does it take for an image to be understood across cultural and
    linguistic barriers?
    In the age of the internet, has our self reliance faded?
    Are we still capable of making up our own answers?

Monroe is a single mother to three young children and paints every day.

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