[Local events] Sat. 4/16, Bruce Boone at Passages Bookshop

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reading & in conversation

*Saturday, April 16*
7:00 pm

*Passages Bookshop* <http://www.passagesbookshop.com>
1223 NE ML King Blvd.

Free admission

*Bruce Boone* co-founded the New Narrative 
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Narrative> writing movement in San 
Francisco in the late 1970s, with fellow writer and friend Robert Gluck. 
He thinks his essays and long articles can compare favorably with his 
narratives though; one reason is that though narrative and sex and 
politics used to fascinate him (think /Century of Clouds/), nowadays 
it's only Aliens and gnostics and pervy twistedness that draw his 
attention. But he's started writing long poems too, and that has a 
bearing. His poem "Kurt Cobain" is currently about a hundred pages long; 
"Jamie" comes in at just a little under three hundred . . . Should he 
use up the rest of his life editing these? Or should he just tweak a few 
segments here and there instead? That's on his mind.

Bruce grew up in Portland and liked the unsophisticated un-yuppified 
un-techified Portland better than than today's paradise of greed and 
good food. Should we see this bitterness of his as deep spirituality? Or 
will transient playfulness be superseded by oncoming Dark? Audience: you 
be the judge!

*Bruce Boone*'s books include */My Walk with Bob/* and */Century of 
Clouds/*, both recently reprinted (and available at Passages), /*The 
Truth About Ted*/, and /*La Fontaine*/ (with Robert Gluck); he has also 
translated books by George Bataille, Pascal Quignard, and Jean-Francois 
Lyotard. Rob Halpern is currently editing a selection of his essays.

*Upcoming events at Passages Bookshop*

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    April 30   Launch for /Banqueted/ issue 2
    May 3      Stefan Hyner/Franco Beltrametti reading/launch/opening
    May 15    Whit Griffin, Shannon Tharp, & Timmy Straw

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