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/In conjunction with the exhibition /The Last Glacier 
Bookshop presents two writers //whose recent essays, poems, and visual 
works directly address the crises of the Anthropocene:/

    *Kaia Sand & Allison Cobb*

    reading and in conversation

    *Wednesday, April 27*
    7:00 pm

    *Passages Bookshop* <http://www.passagesbookshop.com>
    1223 NE ML King Blvd.

*/I Begin By Acknowledging the Omnipresent Flames/*
*    Kaia Sand*

    “fire suggests the desire for change, to speed up the passage of
    time, to bring all of life to its conclusion, to its here-after.” —
    Gaston Bachelard, /The Psychoanalysis of Fire/

/I Begin By Acknowledging the Ominpresent Flames/ is a series of essays 
I am stitching and mounting on canvas, rather than binding in a book. 
With an abiding concern about climate disaster, I have turned my 
investigative attention to fossil fuels. To better understand our future 
transformed by a warming climate, I must learn to better read the 
present. And the present is sooty with the omnipresent burning of the 
anciently dead and newly dead—fossil fuels and biofuels. If we are 
moving toward an epic transformation of how we power our lives, we are 
saying goodbye, a grotesque goodbye, to these flames.
*Kaia Sand* is the author of /A Tale of Magicians Who Puffed Up Money 
that Lost its Puff/, /Remember to Wave/ (both Tinfish Press), and 
/interval/ (Edge Books), and co-author with Jules Boykoff of /Landscapes 
of Dissent: Guerrilla Poetry and Public Space/ (Palm Press, 2008). She 
works across genres and media, dislodging poetry from the book into more 
unconventional contexts. She documents work at kaiasand.net.

/*Plastic: an autobiography*/
*    Allison Cobb*

The autobiography of plastic is the autobiography of everything. As an 
investigation of what it means to be living in the Anthropocene, I 
decided to write /Plastic: an autobiography/. The series of essays was 
sparked by an investigation of the link between my body and the plastic 
inside a dead albatross chick some three thousand miles across the 
ocean. I thought if I could make that link, maybe I could draw the net 
wider. I could see how wide, how far, how long I could stretch this net 
connecting my own body to this substance: plastic, which barely existed 
one hundred years ago and which is now ubiquitous across the planet. The 
result, I hope, is an embodied sense of our interconnectedness and the 
stakes for a living future.
*    Allison Cobb* is the author of /B//orn2, Green-Wood, Plastic: an 
autobiography, /and/After we all died/, forthcoming from Ahsahta Press 
in 2016. She lives in Portland, where she co-curates The Switch reading, 
art, and performance series.

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