[Local events] reminder: Coleman, Dennis and Piuma, tomorrow at Passages Bookshop

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Spare Room presents
Jen Coleman
Alison Dennis
Chris Piuma

Sunday, February 19
7:00 p.m.

Passages Bookshop
1223 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

*music by Alison Dennis, poetry readings by Jen Coleman and Chris Piuma*

*Jen Coleman* is author of PSALMS FOR DOGS AND SORCERERS, from Trembling
Pillow Press and WE DENIZENS (2016) from Furniture Press.

*Alison Dennis*, a.k.a. Dr. Something, is a songwriter and
multi-instrumentalist who has been recording and performing music in
Portland for over a decade. She creates catchy chamber pop featuring piano,
synth, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, and bass. Her music is an attempt  to
seamlessly blend earnestness and facetiousness, art and novelty. She also
currently plays keyboards and saxophone in the psych-pop band All I Feel Is
Yes and has previously performed with the bands Coney Island Cartel, Y La
Bamba,  Audie Darling,  and Leonard Mynx. More info at drsomething.com.

*Chris Piuma *was one of the founders of Spare Room. He now lives in
Toronto with a husband and a cat, where he designs books and takes
photographs and makes videos. Some of his most recently published poems
were in Cotton Nero A.x (eth press, 2014), a collaborate dystranslation of
the works of the "Pearl" poet, the wisdom of the universes in a single
stream of letters (xexoxial, 2015), a record of the 2013 International
Pwoermd Writing Month, and illiterature issue 5: the graphic novel (puddles
of sky, 2015).

Save the date:

Saturday 2/25: manuel arturo abreu & James Sherry
7 p.m. at Passages Bookshop

More info at www.flim.com/spareroom

*Rock dog*

There's a selfish drift in the mist.
Its Lemmy from the abyss.
The bass-tone front man spawns in our midst
and plays hard HARD again and he's Motörhead
wrapped in the invisible hair of a thousand thousand women
that are all Lilith, all one Lilith, who has caught
Lemmy in a single pair of yellow eyes
and held him unblinking, drawn into her snake arms,
rocking him heavier than a mother can bear.
Lilith who will tear any leather-clad rocker
out of the life he clings to by the skin of his teeth
and bed him in the ether, bed him on the rock
that makes Gene Simmons and Henry Rollins
and Alice Cooper rockers with hearts and lungs,
rockers who Lilith will whisper to in sacred syllables
how a rock god is but a dog a rock dog a dogged animal
rocking the ether with a proper pleasure.
Who would rock the ether with selfish hedonist's would-be sacred syllables
but Lemmy the rock dog a dogged animal
who Lilith will bed out of the leather-
clad life wrapped in her invisible hair,
all the dogged rockers in her hair and only just one
bass-tone front man spawned in the mist.
Lemmy from the abyss.

Jen Coleman

[below: *"Ars Poetica"* by Chris Piuma]
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