[Local events] Fri 2/24, Impromptu #3

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/*Impromptu #3*/

*Friday, February 2**4*
6:00 pm

*Passages Bookshop* <http://www.passagesbookshop.com>
1223 NE ML King Blvd.

One evening each month we choose two books from the shelves and read 
them aloud.

It usually takes a couple of hours, more or less. Sometimes we decide in 
advance what we'll read, other times not.

We invite you to drop in and listen for a while on your way to or fro. 
The structure is informal; we take turns reading as it feels 
comfortable. You could think of it as a live audiobook.

We also hope that you might like to participate in the future: we’re 
always interested in additional readers, and ideas about what we might read.

 >> impromptu comes from the French, meaning “extemporaneous, spur of 
the moment”
 >> but the Latin /in promptu/ from which it derives also meant “in 
readiness” or “at hand”

Passages Bookshop
1223 NE MLK
Portland, OR 97232

fine, rare, and unusual
books and graphic art
poetry, avant-garde art
fine printing, artist's books


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