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Surshringar Concert Featuring Kolkata multi-instrumentalist Somjit Dasgupta


    Surshringar Concert featuring Somjit Dasgupta: June 29th 7:00 PM

Cost: By Donationf58cf8c8-a37a-4022-bda7-e8eb7ab6d287.jpg

Thursday June 29th, 2017
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
1141 SE 72nd Ave
Portland, OR 97215
(503) 781-0325

Surshringar.com is pleased to present a surshringar 
concert featuring Kolkata multi-instrumentalist Somjit Dasgupta 
Considering that there are less than 20 surshringar players 
worldwide, this is a very rare opportunity to see a surshringar 
let alone experience a surshringar 
performance. The event will take place outdoors in a lush floral garden 
featuring waterfalls with Mt Hood and Mt St Helens as a natural backdrop.

Somjit Dasgupta has developed a style of playing the surshringar 
sur-rabab, mohan veena, and sarod 
that is a genuine reflection of his teacher, the late Pandit Radhika 
Mohan Maitra 
His tonal movements are extremely fluid and incorporate heavy use of the 
drone strings, which are nicely suited for the surshringar. It is 
uncommon for him to promote tension producing intervals or dark tones. 
Rather, he commonly evokes a peaceful meditation that slows the mind and 
opens the heart.

Somjit is also the keeper of over 200 historic musical instruments 
which include many of Radhika Mohan Maitra’s instruments. The collection 
includes 3 different styles of surshringars 
of which was owned and played by Wazir Khan 
two sitars which were presented by the Dhaka Nawab to Radhu Babu, 
several instruments invented by Radhu Babu such as the Dilbahar and the 
Mohan Veena, and a number of veenas. Somjit has begun restoring these 
instruments and intends to create a living heritage in which students 
can learn about the instruments, the musicians who played them, and the 
dhrupad music to which they were intended.

This event is being hosted by the Society for Historic and Rare 
Instruments of India (SHRII). See http://www.surshringar.com 
for more information.
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