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*/Poetry at the IPRC/*

*Laura Christina Dunn, Katherine Eulensen, Dawn Marie Knopf, Valerie Witte*

*Saturday, March 24*
7:00 pm

*Independent Publishing Resource Center* <http://www.iprc.org>
318 SE Main St., Suite 155


*Laura Christina Dunn*'s work has appeared in /At Length/, /Fugue/, /The 
Bear Deluxe/, /Zocalo Public Square/, /Alligator Juniper/, and 
/Fact-Simile/, among other journals. Her folk operas /Live! Mermaids! 
Live!, The Orange Person, The Snow Queen: A Folk Opera, Frankenstein: A 
Cabaret, / and/Atlantis/ have been produced by RadyBloom and ArtParty 
Theater company in New York City and The Broken Planetarium in Portland, 
Oregon. An upcoming musical biopic of Rosa Luxemburg called /Red Rosa/ 
premieres at Clinton Street Theater in May. Her chapbook /Spider Blue/ 
is available from Dancing Girl Press.

*Katherine Eulensen* is a native of the Pacific Northwest. Her writing 
has appeared in /Cutbank/, /The Seattle Review/, the /Raleigh Review/, 
and the /Los Angeles Review/ among others. She currently spends her 
writing time working on a chapbook titled /Catastrophic Thinking/, that 
she will hopefully complete in the near future, barring any unforeseen 

*Dawn Marie Knopf* was born and raised in Yosemite National Park, CA. 
Her poems and criticism have appeared with /Octopus Magazine/, the 
/Boston Review/, /Bomb/, /Black Warrior Review/, the /New Inquiry/, 
/Pacific Standard/, and /Fence/, among others. She is the former editor 
of /Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art/, and currently teaches 
writing at Clark College.

*Valerie Witte*’s latest chapbook, /It’s been a long time since I’ve 
dreamt of someone/, was recently published by Dancing Girl Press, and 
her other books include /a game of correspondence/ (2015, Black Radish 
Books) and/The history of mining/ (2013, g.e. collective/Poetry Flash). 
Her work has also appeared in literary journals such as /VOLT/, 
/Diagram/, /Dusie/, /Alice Blue/, /Shampoo, Interim/, and elsewhere. She 
is a founding member of the Bay Area Correspondence School and, over the 
years, produced many beautiful books for Kelsey Street Press.

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