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Portland, Oregon / San Francisco, California

Architecture and Process design for the IAL Web Environment Current
Responsible for designing and documenting the network architecture and process for moving Intel Architecture Lab technologies smoothly from the lab, through testing and internal dissemination, and finally (for the lucky few) to the public. Work is in progress.

Pentium Pro Processor Launch
(Interactive Rendering Machine)
September 1995
to December 1995

Archtecture design of a public demonstration of prototype P6 systems using a web-based interface to a pool of machines running raytracing software. Programming, including cgi-bin interface, integration of queueing software, C, Perl, and shell script support. System administration for six prototype machines. Compilation and Makefile targeted for P6 optimization. Performance tuning (load balancing, distribution, entry gating). Performance monitoring and logging, including remote access via the Web. Supporting documentation and full interface design. One remaining active system is on-line internally at http://frob.jf.intel.com.

Design Engineering on P6 IFU June 1992-May 1995
RTL design and preliminary behavioral testing of ITLB.

Complete hierarchical schematic design of iTag, from buses to cache cells. Preliminary floorplanning for iTag.

Complete hierarchical schematic design for ILD, a FUB with greater architectural complexity than many Units. Complete circuit design and simulation for ILD including extensive PLA design, logic optimization, and simulation. Novel approach to fast domino logic (type 1-1/2). Heavy use of self-timed logic. Massive local bus design and simulation. Very challenging layout constraints. Layout design effectively communicated, justified, and reused by later proliferations. Extensive late-stage clock network design, including many shifted, enabled, and shaped clocks. Supervision of a PDS team peaking at six designers. Early attempt to pioneer the use of hypertext-based tools for project documentation.

Research Engineer for the Electron Beam
Nanolithography Facility at Georgia Tech
September 1989
to February 1991

Designed, constructed, and tested hardware interface between an Intel Architecture PC and a Scanning Electron Microscope including control of stage and beam position, as well as beam blanking timing. Positional control was accurate to nanometer scales, timing accurate to fractional microseconds.

Wrote complete GUI-based software package to translate AutoCAD design files into accurately designed beam traces for fabrication of nanometer scaled features on silicon and GaAs HEMT substrates. Software included alignment and exposure controls, as well as monitors for progress.

Automatic Algorithmic VLSI
A set of experimental courses at Georgia Tech to explore techniques for designing high-level automated layout tools. Basically a SRTL to layout tool for datapath-type (as opposed to DAPR-style "random" logic) layout. Projects implemented in C++ including determining appropriate data structures, cell scaling, automatic place and route, pad ring design. Designed and automatically "taped-out" a simple 8-bit RISC microprocessor while working in cooperative teams. (The source of the design was a hand-layout from an earlier course--the goal was to be able to successfully reproduce the original working part with software tools.)

Advanced Techniques in Rendering
Explored advanced topics in computer graphics, implementing many as evolutions to an initial core rendering program that was written in the first few weeks of class.

Parallel Processing Algorithms and Programming
Implemented several software studies including thread scheduling based on compile-time dependencies, modelled dataflow, systolic, and other architectures.

In an independent course, did elementary programming for actual and simulated parallel computer architectures.

Cache Design and Simulation
Simulated and analysed various cache designs and protocols using real program traces, optimizing the design based on simulation results.

Community Event Calendar Winter-Spring 1996
A web-based community event calendar tool that provides a publicly administered database of events accessible via web or majordomo. Software is being donated to Cascade AIDS Project as a technique to bring attention to their web site. Work in progress.

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