River Rock Nursery

We are a small, family-owned and operated nursery specializing in unusual trees and shrubs. We are in SE Portland, Oregon, between Carver and Barton on Hwy 224 towards Estacada. We are about 8 miles from the I205/Clackamas junction. Our nursery is an outgrowth of over 30 years of collecting, propagating, and cultivating unusual plants. As our catalog shows, we have a large selection of choice trees and shrubs. We specialize in trees and shrubs suitable for smaller landscapes, although we carry many full sized trees as well. We value form, structure and color in what we grow, not so much in ephemeral flowers, but in branch and trunk structure, bark; as well as a wide range of leaf shapes, sizes, and textures. Some of our specialties are grafted maples and dwarf conifers. Conifers are especially nice in the winter garden throughout the US. So far, Gretchen does much of the propagating, including grafting and growing from seeds and cuttings. Since we are small, available sizes at any time vary. Our catalog gives an idea of what we usually have in stock. Email for availability and prices or if you don't see a tree or shrub which interests you. We mail plants throughout the US. Shipping of 1 gallon size or smaller via US Postal Priority Mail is $8-10. We mail larger sizes frequently as well, but this is more expensive. We have a large selection of plants too large to mail. Currently we are open by appointment. Please call 503-658-4047 early in the morning, Oregon time. Otherwise we're probably away from a phone in the nursery. Better yet, email mailto:green@agora.rdrop.com to determine a suitable time to visit or to inquire about specific plants. During spring, weekdays are best as we are gone most weekends to plant shows and sales up and down the west coast. We've begun an availability list but so far only have Vine and Japanese Maple availability completed.

Gretchen & Bob O'Brien