Soupermail Install Helper

This is the Soupermail Install Helper. Its designed to help you configure Soupermail correctly for your server and let you get running nice and quickly.

Before using the installer, make sure you've done the following:

Please. Before reporting installation problems, read the Soupermail FAQ! This will contain lots of hints, and may solve your problems quickly. It is there to help you and me. If you do report problems to me, remember to include as much information as possible. One line emails saying "Help - soupermail doesn't work" waste my time and yours.

Now complete the following information:

Where did you install
What's you email address - used as the administrative contact for your Soupermail installation.
The name or IP address of your mailserver. You may not need this if your webserver is a UNIX box, and the installer will let you know if you do. If you don't know it, leave it blank for the moment.
Check the box below if you want to run Soupermail in paranoid mode. In paranoid mode, Soupermail will not read files from any directories unless the directory contains a file called 'soupermail.allow'. This is a recommended option for people holding secure information on their site, or who have a site with things like guestbooks.
Run paranoid
Press GO below to start the installer. It will return a list of values you need to change in for your server. It will not actually install anything itself, send your email out or change any files on your server.

(c) Vittal Aithal <> 2000, 2001