Beanworld Greetings Minicomic


In the second half of 1996 I started writing letters to a friend every week. After a few weeks I wanted to do something different, so I started working on a minicomic. I never finished it after drawing seven of the eight pages. In the summer of 1998 I resurrected it and used it for an self-teaching project in Illustrator. Being able to fix mistakes was very useful.

Well, some friends wanted to see the result, so here it is.


[Greetings from the BEANWORLD!]

[Hey, what's going on?]

[Does Mr. Spook know what you're doing?]

[I'm just trying to follow the script!]

[Half as a Bean smiles enigmatically]

Last updated 5 June 2000
All contents ©1998-2002 Mark L. Irons except Beanworld characters ©Larry Marder. Vertical minicomic strip idea from Matt Feazell.