Adobe Photoshop Actions

I use Photoshop for many of the images on this site. One thing I've enjoyed about it is finding interesting ways to modify portraits. When I find something good, I save it as an action. Presented here are three actions that I tend to come back to quite a bit.

These image show the results of each action. The first image is the original. Following that are the Waterized, Comicized, and Halflit versions.

[original image] [processed image] [processed image] [processed image]

In order, the actions are:

  1. [detail] Waterize
    This combines the watercolor and graphic pen filters.

  2. [detail] Comicize
    This combines chalk & charcoal and grain filters to produce a look reminiscent of some early computer-generated comic books.

  3. [detail] Halflight
    A second copy of the original image is created, which is then run through the stamp and gaussian blur filters. The result is equalized. At this point, the action will present the Layer Options dialog box. Set the opacity to 50% and the mode to Overlay. (Is there any way to automate this?) The result combines airbrushing with stronger contrast.

    This action has one drawback: it can accentuate small blemishes in areas of one color.

These actions are free for non-commercial use. They were created in Photoshop 4.0. The download is less than 1K.

Last updated 5 June 2000
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