[Ubik spray can]

Ubik is the quintessential early Philip K. Dick book. There's reality dislocation, unexplained and numinous phenomena, outlandish details, disintegration and decay, et cetera. The characters will be familiar as well: a hapless protagonist, a father figure, and a vindictive woman. As with his other books, there's also a hidden force for hope, in this case manifesting itself through commercial products.

Those products are Ubik.

  • Spray can model (277K ZIP file, cap included)
    Ray Dream Studio 5.0 format

  • Ubik label (66K ZIP file)
    Adobe Illustrator 7.0 format

Ubik is safe when used as directed.

Last updated 5 June 2000
All contents ©1998-2002 Mark L. Irons except Ubik, created by Philip K. Dick. Or perhaps not. Read Ubik and decide for yourself.