Privacy Policy

I'm not watching you.

Web Traffic

I collect no information about visitors to this Web site. I do not keep or monitor any logs of visitors to the site. The only way I know someone visits the site is if he or she tells me.

Site Contents

If you find any images or information about you on this site that you wish removed or modified, please contact me. I will not post personal address information, phone numbers, email addresses, et cetera, without the explicit request of the information's owner.


This site does not use cookies, nor has it entered into any contracts with Web tracking companies.


The contents of email will not be posted to this site without the consent of the sender. In rare cases where it is plainly understood that the contents of email contains no personal information, I might forward email to a select group of other people. (An example of this would be a forwarded article.)

Exceptions to this policy may be made for email that violates my contact information guidelines.

Internet Service Providers

I do not speak for my Internet service provider, Raindrop Laboratories. If you have concerns about whether they collect information, please contact them.

Last updated 28 February 2007
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