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This is the personal Web site of Mark L. Irons. There are pages here for those interested in three different things: personal information, impersonal things, and the BeanWeb.

If you'd prefer a complete list of this site's contents, see the Site Map.

This site is for the most part kid-safe, although off-site links are not guaranteed to be so.

Personal Information

All the standard elements of a personal Web site are here: a short biography, a gallery, information about my hobbies. But that's only the start. I rant and rave. There's a collection of bulletins to friends I've written over the years, and annual notebooks. Find the answers to common questions in the F.A.Q., investigate my beliefs, or read some stories from my life.

All told, this should give you a good start to getting to know me.

Impersonal Things

To those who aren't interested in me, I suggest trying the Things to Download page of the General section. There you'll find links to all the downloadable goodies this site has to offer, such as Illustrator artwork, Photoshop actions, some Web site maintenance Perl scripts, and my JunkBuster block file.

Web site designers and pattern aficianados might find the Patterns for Personal Web Sites interesting.

If you like mental workouts, you can try the Puzzles section. Actually, "Puzzles" is a misnomer. These pages are about things that made me think. The page with the widest appeal is the classic "Let's Make a Deal" probability puzzle. You can play the game yourself with the site's sole Java applet.

There's some mathematics.

For those inclined to civics, there is a rebuttal to Justice Scalia's dissent in the case of Colorado's anti-gay Amendment 2.

Bibliophiles might be interested in the yearly reviews of books.

You might learn some practical domestic tips from Good Advices.

There also some odds and ends, like product reviews the "Dehanced For..." Web design campaign, and some nature photos. You'll find them in the General section.

The BeanWeb

Last but not least, there's the BeanWeb. This is a fan site for Larry Marder's unique comic book Tales of the Beanworld. You'll find issue summaries, character descriptions, important places and things, and some thoughts on the Beanworld. There are also pointers to other Beanworld resources, as well as the current address of the Beanworld Press.


As you wander around the site, you might notice a variety of icons. Here's a key.


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