Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6/R6

Plane: Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6/R6

Weight (Empty/Loaded/Max): / /

Wing Area: 173sq ft

Wing Loading: / /

Length: 29' 4"

Span: 32' 7"

Wing Aspect: 6.1

Engine: 1450hp Daimler Benz DB 605 A-1 Inline

Flaps: 5 settings


Control Feel:

Stall Speed 1k (No Flaps/Full Flaps) 95/85mph


  type/ammo ROF Duration WB Punch Muzzle Velocity Ammo/Gun
Primary: 2x13mm Rheinmetall MG 131 MG 12.1/s 24.8s 3.0x.50cal/ping 2,460ft/s 300
Secondary: 1x20mm Muaser MG 151/20 Cannon
2x20mm Mauser MG 151/20 Cannon

0: none
1: none
2: none
3: none

Fuel Time/Percent: 35seconds/percent

Power/weight (Empty/Loaded/Max): / /

Corner Velocity: 275mph

Durability: Poor

WEP time: 5 minutes

Maximum Angle-of-Attack (no flaps/full flaps): 18.5/18.5 degrees

Wing Incidence Angle (no flaps/full flaps): 3.5/3.5 degrees


  1,000ft 5,000ft 10,000ft 15,000ft
Stall-200mph 19.1s 20.7s 24.0s 30.2s
150mph-200mph 11.3s 12.8s 15.8s 19.4s
200mph-250mph 13.8s 16.6s 22.1s 28.7s
250mph-300mph 38.9s 57.8s - -

1k-5k: 54s
5k-10k: 76s
10k-15k: 75s

Zoom Climb:
1k 400mph: +5200ft
1k 300mph: +3300ft


  Max Speed After 30s After 60s
15,000ft to 10,000ft 360mph 320mph 310mph
15,000ft to 5,000ft 490mph 350mph 325mph
10,000ft to 5,000ft 390mph 335mph 320mph
10,000ft to 1,000ft 495mph 355mph 330mph
5,000ft to 1,000ft 380mph 340mph 325mph

Max Speed

  1,000ft 5,000ft 10,000ft 15,000ft
Climbing before levelling 315mph 305mph    
Diving before levelling 320mph 310mph 300mph 290mph

Turn Performance

300mph 1,000ft 5,000ft 10,000ft 15,000ft
One 360 16.0s 17.6s 18.7s -
Two 360s 38.2s 40.3s 45.4s -
One 360 17.1s 18.7s 20.3s 22.9s
Two 360s 38.9s 43.5s 46.5s 53.0s
No Flaps 22.8s 24.1s 27.4s 31.3s
Full Flaps 22.5s 23.8s 27.0s 29.8s
Best Flap 2notches full 2notches full
Speed/best 140mph 125mph 135mph 125mph

Corner Speed and Radii (1,000ft):

Speed: 270mph
Radius: 531ft
Sustained Turn Speed: 160mph
Sustained Turn Radius: 851ft
Full Flaps Speed: 130mph
Full Flaps Radius: 683ft

Corner Times 1,000ft 5,000ft 10,000ft 15,000ft
180 degrees 7.5s 8.5s 9.2s 9.5s
360 degrees 18.0s 19.3s 22.0s 23.0s

Roll Rate:
150mph: 5.7s
200mph: 5.0s
250mph: 4.6s
300mph: 5.4s
350mph: 8.8s
400mph: 19.0s

Minimum Full-Flaps Full-Power Split-S altitude:
150mph: 1200ft
200mph: 1200ft
250mph: 1500ft
300mph: 1600ft

Hoof's Tips and Opinions:

Germany's efforts to increase the anti-bomber capability of her fighters resulted in many an interesting addition to their planes, and the Bf 109G6/R6 represents one such change. The Bf 109G6/R6 is a stock Bf 109G6 with two additional MG 151/20 cannon mounted one under each wing. These cannon have a good amount of ammunition too, with 140 rounds per gun allowing almost twelve seconds of fire. In effect, the Bf 109G6/R6 has one of the most powerful set of guns in the main arena, second only to the FW 190A8, Bf 110G-2 and possibly the FW 190A4. The Bf 109G6/R6 has *three* 20mm cannon (the good kind, not the early 20mm cannon found in the outer wing bays in the FW 190A4 and Bf 109E), plus *two* 13mm machine guns. This translates into awesome killing power, but also epitomizes the effects of the later modifications upon the 109 airframe. The Bf 109G6/R6 is a poor performing plane in fighter-fighter combat. She rolls poor, accelerates poor, dives poor, climbs poor, turns poor, is rather slow (the 109F is faster), and pretty much is bested by almost every plane in at least two significant areas.

On the other hand, the Bf 109G6/R6 is a bomber interceptor par excellence. Her firepower is bested only by the FW190A series and the Bf110G-2, and she can handily outclimb both FW190As (as well as operate well at high-altitude Buff altitudes), and is faster than the Bf110G-2. Her guns are effective at long ranges, unlike the Bf 109K's 30mm cannon, thus she can avoid Otto well enough to deliver a killing blow and get away without having to get within range 5 of Otto's guns. If you can avoid fighter escort a buff is easy prey to a Bf 109G6/R6. But if the Buff has escort, you can expect to live a short life, as the Bf 109G6/R6 is a poor escape artist and will usually be run down and killed by another fighter fairly easily.

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