Junkers Ju-88A-4

Plane: Junkers Ju-88A-4

Weight (Empty/Loaded/Max): / 26,700lb / 31,000lb

Wing Area: 590sq ft

Wing Loading: / 45.3lb/sq ft / 52.5lb/sq ft

Length: 47' 1"

Span: 65' 10"

Wing Aspect Ratio: 7.3

Engine: 2x950hp Junkers Jumo 211 F Inline

Flaps: 3 settings


Control Feel:

Stall Speed 1k (No Flaps/Full Flaps) 100mph / 90mph


  type/ammo ROF Duration WB Punch Muzzle Velocity Ammo/Gun
Primary: 1x7.9mm MG 81 MG 20.2/s 37s 2.5x.30cal/ping 2,660 ft/s 750
Otto: Nose: 1x7.9mm MG 81 MG
Top: 1x13mm MG 131 MG
Bottom: 2x7.9mm MG 81 MG
2,660 ft/s

0: 4x500lb bombs
1: 4x1,000lb bombs
2: 2x500lb + 2x1,000lb bombs
3: 2xTorpedos

Fuel Time/Percent: 132 seconds/percent

Power/weight (Empty/Loaded/Max): / 14.1lb/hp / 16.3lb/hp

Corner Velocity: 275 mph

Durability: Good

WEP time: 5 minutes


  1,000ft 5,000ft 10,000ft 15,000ft
Stall-200mph 32.5s 38.9s 59.7s 67.1s
150mph-200mph 20.4s 26.6s 43.6s 50.3s
200mph-250mph 38.1s 51.7s (245mph) -
250mph-300mph - - - -

1k-5k: 89s
5k-10k: 157s
10k-15k: 187s

Zoom Climb:
1k 400mph:
1k 300mph: +2,900ft


  Max Speed After 30s After 60s
15,000ft to 10,000ft 355mph 290mph 260mph
15,000ft to 5,000ft - - -
10,000ft to 5,000ft 385mph 310mph 280mph
10,000ft to 1,000ft - - -
5,000ft to 1,000ft 370mph 310mph 285mph

Max Speed

  1,000ft 5,000ft
Climbing before levelling 270mph 260mph
Diving before levelling 270mph 270mph

Turn Performance

300mph 1,000ft 5,000ft 10,000ft 15,000ft
One 360 16.1s 17.4s 18.6s -
Two 360s 38.4s 41.5s 46.3s -
One 360 18.1s 19.2s 20.8s 21.6s
Two 360s 41.7s 46.3s 52.4s 57.9s
No Flaps 25.7s 28.8s 34.2s 40.2s
Full Flaps 25.9s 29.7s 37.7s 41.2s
Best Flap full none none none
Speed/best 110mph 120mph 115mph 115mph

Corner Speed and Radii (1,000ft):

Speed: 275mph
Radius: 551ft
Sustained Turn Speed: 140mph
Sustained Turn Radius: 835ft
Full Flaps Speed: 105mph
Full Flaps Radius: 633ft

Corner Times 1,000ft 5,000ft 10,000ft 15,000ft
180 degrees 7.3s 7.9s 8.2s 8.5s
360 degrees 16.6s 18.0s 19.8s 21.4s

Roll Rate:
150mph: 13.6s
200mph: 10.6s
250mph: 10.3s
300mph: 12.2s
350mph: 19.2s

Minimum Full-Flaps Full-Power Split-S altitude:
150mph: 1,400ft
200mph: 1,400ft
250mph: 1,700ft
300mph: 1,900ft

Hoof's Tips and Opinions:

The Junkers Ju88 was one of the most versatile bombers made during WWII. Used throughout the war, the Ju88 participated in operations in Poland in 1939, through to operations in 1945 against virtually every enemy the German fought against. It was one of the best medium bombers in the war, mostly due to its versatility. The Ju88A4, for example, can level bomb, dive bomb, torpedo bomb, while other variants of Ju88s were fitted for night fighting. The bomb load varied from internal bomb loads consisting of ten 50lb bombs, to four bombs of various types attached under the wings, to a pair of torpedoes.

In Warbirds, the Ju88A4 can do virtually any ground attack operation. It can level bomb with the best of them, carrying more heavy bombs than the B25, it can dive bomb quite well, both the power Boom and Zoom dives so common in Warbirds by fighter-bombers, as well as standard dive bombing (complete with dive bomb flaps), and it can drop torpedoes making it much better suited for torpedo runs against ships in the general Arenas of Warbirds than the virtually unarmed B5N2 Kate.

Defensively, the Ju88 is one of the fastest bombers in Warbirds on the deck. She can cruise at 260mph, and can maintain in excess of 300mph in a gentle dive. Her defensive armament is mediocre compared to the flying Gunships available in Warbirds (B17, B25), but can still shoot down fighters. One big advantage over the other bombers is that her gunner positions are rather heavily armored, as is the Pilot, so gunners are more likely to run out of ammunition rather than get shot as happens in B17s and B25s. Pilot kills are far fewer as well, and in my experience, it takes a fair bit more ammunition to destroy a Ju88A4 than a B25, especially ack fire.

The Ju88A4 is a decent medium bomber overall. One of the few that can sink a carrier in one pass (four 1,000lb bombs), she sees a fair bit of use in the arena. Unfortunately most people pick other bombers before picking the Ju88A4, feeling that the extra Otto positions and superior Otto firepower will keep them alive longer. I find this is not the case. People underestimate Otto when attacking a Ju88, while most pilots treat the B25 or B17 with respect, and spend extra effort shooting her down, charging right in. Many missions I have returned home with half a plane where had I had a B17 or B25, I'm sure I wouldn't have made it. A good overall bomber for Warbirds, and an excellent choice to represent Germany's bomber force, IMO

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