K1200GT HID driving light install.   Updated  1-1-07

Foamcore mockup/patterns.

Roughcut "ears" in aluminum.

Ready to weld.

Test fit for alignment and leveling.

After rough grinding and sanding.

Gap added to route wire.   The red gasketing was temporary.  I've since replaced it with black material.

Modified hole in mirror mount to allow passage of the wiring.

Test fit with wiring routed.

Wire routing exercise repeated on right.  The brackets will eventually be powdercoated when I do the same with the auxiliary fuel cell.

Ballasts, fuse, and control relay installed.   It's a good thing for me that BMW made the '07 ABS controller about half the size of the '06 unit. 

Switch template.   About to do irrevokable and highly visible modifications to an expensive piece of plastic.  gulp.

Switches installed.  One is for the lights, the other will be for the transfer pump on the auxiliary fuel cell.

Ignition!   Ready for test riding and final alignment.