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Larry's 1954 Buick Convertible

1954 Buick Special Convertible
As seen in Rod & Custom May 2004

owned and built by Larry Holler
I'm running a 345 + HP 1973 Chevy 350 4 bolt main.
a 1973 turbo 350.
The rear end is 1968 Chevelle 12 bolt.


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Larrys Stuff

Some My Buick Pic's

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Brake Power vs Weight PDF

Brake setup PDF

Pro-15 Great for Rust and Tank repair

sneak wire.pdf

Preformance Math formulas.

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GM rear End Info

Decoding The Buick VIN 1954-1965


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How to decipher the Carburetor Application code Rochester Carburetors

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Find the Price of your Classic car.

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Buick Heritage Museum Buick Club Of America network (Car Parts) For your Radiator needs. For your Brake needs.

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